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Sunday feature: photos of the week

14. December 2008 • Matt Hampel
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The last 7-ish days in photos:

School is out December 19th; many of us are already done with finals. Sign is on the Cube on Central.

2008-12December-13-P1030536 Where to get Christmas trees in Ann Arbor, a page on ArborWiki. These were spotted in the St. Francis parking lot, across from Tappan middle school.

UMMA lobby, barren, by brian cors. (another look inside from Nov 2008)

Barton Dam as HDR by …wes.

Crisler Arena panorama by gleηη.

All of these are distributed under some sort of Creative Commons license — click through for details. If you post links to images in the comments, I’ll edit them to display the actual photos.

  1. It should be “Crisler Arena” not Chrysler.

       —John Dory    Dec. 15 '08 - 12:19AM    #
  2. Oops, my bad. Thanks John.

       —Matt    Dec. 15 '08 - 12:29AM    #
  3. I forgot to add: Cookies!

    Baking cookies

    I’ve been getting recipes from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.

       —Matt    Dec. 15 '08 - 01:53AM    #
  4. Barton Dam image is beautiful.

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 15 '08 - 08:18PM    #