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Council drama(?) 2: Groome to resign

8. June 2005 • Murph
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Sources say that Ann Arbor City Council member Kim Groome (D-1st) plans to resign soon (at a to-be-determined date), leaving the Council to choose a successor for the remainder of her term, through December 2006.

Details will be in tomorrow’s Ann Arbor News.

UPDATE, 9 June, 9:30am: The News article on Groome’s leaving Ann Arbor seems to summarize her time on Council as “not party-line,” and willing to cross the majority.

  1. Too bad I just moved out of the 1st, or my four write-in votes against Groome last fall would have made me the clear pick to fill the vacancy.

    But you know who’s thinking about moving to the 1st?

       —Murph    Jun. 8 '05 - 01:17AM    #
  2. Booya! Having carried nearly 30% of the vote in his last campaign, he’s proved his ability to score with voters. Screw NYC, Scott.
       —Dale    Jun. 8 '05 - 01:38AM    #
  3. haha… well…

    * I haven’t heard one way or the other about NYC

    * My 30% was running against an incumbent Republican with no Democratic challenger—and when I say running, I mean “being on the ballot and going to a couple of forums.” I rack it up to the “I can’t vote for a Republican so I’ll vote for the Green; he seems harmless” vote.

    * Since I can’t afford to live on a council persons salary alone (could if I was debt-free; I’m not), I’d have to give up all my Internet projects … and I like my Internet projects. :)

    All I’ll say right now is we’ll see … I might prefer help run the web campaign for an awesome candidate in the first ward who is not me.
       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 8 '05 - 02:34AM    #
  4. I hope to see an open proponent of divesting from Apartheid Israel on the Council.

    One advocate for human rights, out of 10 Councilmembers, is not asking too much.
       —Blaine. (Council needs a Divest-from-Israel Proponent)    Jun. 8 '05 - 04:59AM    #
  5. Wow, I wonder what happened?
       —KGS    Jun. 8 '05 - 12:57PM    #
  6. Drat! I liked Kim Groome. She was one of the few who didn’t get into the drama of it all and actually tried to do what is best. I know there were people who didn’t like her because she wasn’t “political” enough but I think we could use more people like her on Council.
       —Juliew    Jun. 8 '05 - 01:33PM    #
  7. Can someone tell me where I can meet some hot Wolverine co-eds? I’ve been searching endlessly to no avail.
       —Brandon    Jun. 8 '05 - 02:41PM    #
  8. Brandon- In the 1st Ward! And they’re all naive engineering students! (Or morally troubled art students).
    I wonder what happened? Hmm…
       —js    Jun. 8 '05 - 05:37PM    #
  9. Brandon, the “dating service” ads are the first image ads I’ve seen from Google show up here. I’ll point out that the click-through rate more than doubled after they showed up, so someone out there is lookin’ to hook up. :)

    It’s been a month since we started the google ads. The meager revenues nearly doubled when I moved the ads from the far right bar to below the post, and seem to have doubled again with the image-based ads. We pulled down $28 in one month, which puts the total outlay in dollars for this site at $28 – $130 = -$102 … Assuming we continue to average about $30/month, and ongoing costs are ~ $10/month, we should hit break-even in about 5 months. After that, assuming the numbers don’t go way up, it goes into the ArborUpdate party fund, I think.
       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 9 '05 - 05:37PM    #
  10. hmmm…. I am not seeing any google ads
    (been the last week or so.)
       —Mark    Jun. 9 '05 - 06:59PM    #
  11. Do have an ad filter/blocker of any kind? Which browser are you using?
       —Scott Trudeau    Jun. 10 '05 - 04:53PM    #