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Sleep it off

22. June 2005 • Josh Steichmann
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Ann Arbor’s country-fried white boy rockers (honestly, that’s what they called themselves in the email) Porchsleeper have a new album out.
You can download all of the songs at

Now you can listen to local music without worrying if the dipshits at Current are just slagging it because they’re mean drunks!

  1. You totally scooped me. But I was just gonna post it on my little personal blog.
       —Brandon    Jun. 23 '05 - 01:34AM    #
  2. Here’s another nagging question: does one capitalize the “Title of an Article” or the “Title of an article”?
       —Brandon    Jun. 23 '05 - 01:35AM    #
  3. Brandon: I usually end up going with headline caps, “Title of an Article”. It just looks so much more balanced.

    Now for the music!
       —Matt    Jun. 23 '05 - 02:46AM    #
  4. Nice nice nice! On the iPod!

    (if you need some more bandwidth, let me know)
       —Matt    Jun. 23 '05 - 02:54AM    #
  5. I think the rule is that you capitalize the last word in the phrase reguardless.
       —Chris    Jun. 23 '05 - 03:34AM    #
  6. Brandon, I think the answer is either “It Depends” or “It depends.” We still haven’t written an AU style-guide, but the general rule is “pick one.”

    So, the NYTimes uses “Headlines Like This” while the Chicago Trib uses “Headlines like this”.

    Totally matter of style.
       —Murph.    Jun. 23 '05 - 03:37AM    #
  7. I’ve gotta say I prefer the all-caps.
       —Brandon    Jun. 23 '05 - 12:54PM    #
  8. thanks for the kindness josh. it’s kinda on the honor system, but if folks download the songs it’d sure be a nice gesture if they go ahead and buy the acutal record when it come out next month. making rock is expensive.

    release party at the lager house on sat 7/16.
       —brianSleeper    Jun. 23 '05 - 06:27PM    #
  9. Brian: I dug the songs, and also encourage people to buy the real album (it will likely have pictures of the Porchsleeper men, right? Teh hotzor, sez teh intarweb).
    Personally, I was hoping for a little more (though you guys might want to tour with Corndaddy), but it made me more interested in seeing you live than hearing your album. A lot of the mid-tempo stuff doesn’t get me off unless it’s got the live energy behind it.
    But hey, I’d rather have people listen to it and disagree (thus buying the album) than never hear it at all.
       —js    Jun. 24 '05 - 08:21PM    #