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Election Night Drink

23. June 2004 • Brian Kerr
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Arbor Blogger extraordinaire George Hotelling has launched a new website, called Election Night Drink The idea behind the eponymous specials is that you walk into a bar on November 2 with your ‘I Voted!’ sticker and get some sort of drinky discount, a sot’s special, a beverage bargain, a… you get the idea.

See details of the launch at George’s blog. He says:

I’m hoping to get more young people (especially college students) to vote because their bars are encouraging them to. So I’m encouraging bars to encourage people to vote by giving them free advertising.

There’s only one hitch—I haven’t been able to actually get any bars to sign up.

George is looking for barfolk, or friends of barfolk, and so forth, who might be coerced into running and listing drink specials. Perhaps you can help? If so, get in touch with him.