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Stop the Raid on Student Aid

10. October 2005 • MarkDilley
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received this email from Mat, tx

... help defeat H.R. 609 in the US House of Representatives This bill, if passed, would cut $9 Billion from the student loan program. It is projected that this would increase the cost of taking out student loans by about $6,000 over the four years.

You can help by, on Tuesday, October 11, calling 202-224-3121 and give your zip code to connect to your Representative. Then tell the congressional aid who answers that you oppose H.R. 609.

For more information, please see

  1. And if you’re walking across the Diag tomorrow, look for a group of students dressed as pirates (the “raid” theme) with more information on the proposed cuts. Students for PIRGIM are working with a national coalition that includes the American Federation of Teachers, the Student PIRGs, and the US Students Association to generate as many phone calls as possible to Congress in the next month, focusing on a few coordinated national call-in days. We’ll also be giving away candy and we’ll even let you use our cell phones if you’re running low on minutes.

    These cuts are really bad news and they come in a whole myriad of provisions (increasing the cap on interest rates, making it more difficult to consolidate loans, freezing funding on work-study, etc.) Many of the provisions that burden students also result in a boon for the lending companies—a double injustice.

    But higher education is one of those issues that politicians on both sides like to at least appear to support, and these cuts are going to affect the poor and middle-class both—so there is a decent chance that public pressure could swing a few key votes and stop the bill.
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