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Police arrest two suspects in Ann Arbor street robberies

21. October 2005 • Murph
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After a string of nearly three dozen late night assault/robberies, most involving lone male pedestrians being jumped by a group of assailants, police arrested two suspects last night, reports the Ann Arbor News:

A short time later, officers spotted a van downtown that matched the description of a getaway vehicle seen after a similar street robbery on Monday in the 800 block of Sybil Street, Lt. Angella Abrams said. Two passengers jumped out of the van and ran off, but officers were able to detain the driver, Abrams said.

Police found property in the van belonging to the latest robbery victim, and the driver was arrested, Abrams said. Officers later tracked down one of the passengers from the van who was hiding in the area, Abrams said.

The second passenger was not found by early this morning, and detectives were interviewing the two men who were arrested. They are an 18-year-old Belleville man and 18-year-old Ypsilanti Township man.

Reports have indicated up to six assailants in past robberies – presumably it’s not totally safe to be wandering my neighborhood alone at night quite yet…