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Greek Orthodox Church redevelopment: round 2

29. October 2005 • Murph
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After a 14-story project proposed for the site of the Greek Orthodox Church on North Main was cancelled a year ago, another developer is taking a shot:

The project, known as The Gallery, would include an eight-story mixed use residential, retail and office building with up to 100 condominium units and 31/2 levels of underground parking at 414 N. Main St. That would back up to an adjacent four-story building, facing North Fourth Avenue, that would have retail on the first floor and 18-20 residential lofts.

Developer Mike Concannon of The Concannon Company estimated the project will cost $30 million. He plans to take the project before the city Planning Commission in November.

  1. Too bad MLive doesn’t have pictures; I’d like to see if the architecture is the same as the poster that the developer put up this summer at the OFW/Downtown residents’ potluck. I heard one person looking at the poster say, “Huh. Looks a lot like Cabrini-Green .”
       —Murph.    Oct. 29 '05 - 09:53PM    #
  2. It’s better than the last atrocity, but even Calthorpe is saying the area should only have 3 to 5 stories.
       —David Cahill    Oct. 29 '05 - 10:54PM    #
  3. The picture in the News made it look a bit like the Life Sciences building.
       —Juliew    Nov. 1 '05 - 11:28PM    #