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Wednesday: Remembering Rosa Parks

2. November 2005 • Matt Hollerbach
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A funeral for Rosa Parks will be held Wednesday in Detroit. From the Detroit Free Press article:

The entire Congressional Black Caucus is expected to be in Detroit for the funeral along with many other members of Congress.

A public viewing is underway until 5 a.m. Wednesday at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, 315 E. Warren, Detroit.

The funeral will begin at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Greater Grace Temple, 23500 W. Seven Mile.

Additionally, locals can pay their respects with others in the community Wednesday night:

Wednesday is the day of Rosa Parks funeral in Detroit, we know that most of you will not be able to travel down there, so the NAACP, BSU, MSA & NPHC would like to provide a way for you to pay your respects.


Pastor Lyons from Second Baptist Church will be speaking
Minister Cobbs from Fountain COGIC will be speaking
Vice President Royster Harper will be speaking
Chris (from 2005 summer bridge) will be singing
Raena White will be singing
Jillian (from 58 Greene) will also be singing

  1. Also, the free press is providing streaming video of the event
       —Matthew Hollerbach    Nov. 2 '05 - 06:04AM    #
  2. (watching part of the proceedings on channel 7…)

    Man. Al Sharpton really gave it to Detroit. Kwame looked like he was going to rush the podium. Now Farrakhan’s assailing “Christians in name” who serve the military-industrial complex and “sell out the country to balance the budget”.

    Exciting television…
       —Murph.    Nov. 2 '05 - 09:14PM    #
  3. Thank you Matt once again.

    For a personal view, see my diary “My experiences at Rosa Parks’ funeral procession earlier today” currently on Daily Kos at .
       —David Boyle    Nov. 2 '05 - 10:05PM    #