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Tree City Sparkles Tree Lighting Ceremony

17. November 2005 • Juliew
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Yet another attempt to lure people to Liberty Park Plaza. The information below (including errors in spelling and punctuation) comes directly from the Main Street Area Association web site:

Join your downtown neighbors and Mayor John Heiftje has he pulls the switch to light up the downtown during the first dazzling tree lighting ceremony. Thousands of brilliant twinkling tree lights will be turned on in the Liberty Park Plaza and throughout the 4 downtown areas including Main Street, State Street, South University and Kerrytown. Areas from 5:30-6:30 pm on Friday, November 18.

Be at Liberty Park Plaza to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies and sing carols with the fantastic “Boy Choir of Ann Arbor”.

If you have questions or need more information contact Ellie Serras, Main Street Area Association at 734-668-7112.

The tree lights downtown are sponsored by the Downtown Development Authority of Ann Arbor and the four downtown associations: Main Street Area Association, State Street Area Association, South University Area Association and the Kerrytown District Association.

The flyer posted in businesses around town says that this “Tree City Sparkles Tree Lighting Ceremony” is actually the second “dazzling tree lighting ceremony” and refers people to for more information. Unfortunately, on, the event isn’t listed unless you specifically search for it under November 18 in the “Any” category (the site does, however, have the .pdf of the now-defunct Three Site Plan). The “more information” button links to the same error-filled description listed on the Main Street Association web site. Both sites spell the Mayor’s name incorrectly. Doesn’t anyone check these things?

  1. I wonder that too. They have Jill’s gallery listed under Banks in the directory. I’m glad I bothered to dig around the site a bit. Thanks, Julie.
       —Steve Bean    Nov. 18 '05 - 03:05AM    #
  2. Sorry you all missed the event. It was a very good turn out of families for the second year in a row. The singing was great, the hot cider was warming, and when the lights came on it was really something to see. The theme was “Light up Downtown”. I’ll check with Ellie Serras(director of Main Street Association) tomorrow about the web site mistakes and hopefully some thing can be done to impove the web site. Thanks for pointing this out.
       —Bob Dascola    Nov. 21 '05 - 03:44AM    #