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ArborSpeech Launches

16. December 2005 • Scott Trudeau
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ArborSpeech.orgEver wish you had a site like ArborUpdate for your own own organization? ArborSpeech is offering free hosting of sites like this one for Ann Arbor community organizations:

ArborSpeech is a service that you can use to discuss anything local: you can start a website for your neighborhood association, champion your favorite political cause, or promote your local nonprofit. At your disposal: customized websites, discussion lists, wikis, blogs, and community software. ArborSpeech is here to give you space and support.

Kudos to the Community High School team that put this together.

  1. Thanks for the post. We have a large pool of blogging & community building talent here in Ann Arbor and hosting is becoming cheaper and cheaper. The natural next step is to share our resources. Even a simple site can help an organization get their message out.

    Textpattern, the default application, is easy to learn and powerful—but we can also install Wikis, forums, mailing lists, and more.
       —Matt Hampel    Dec. 17 '05 - 12:38AM    #
  2. Way to take the initiative.

    Who’s moderating the entire system currently? Who’s hosting it?
       —eston    Dec. 17 '05 - 07:50AM    #
  3. The system is small and I don’t see any huge expansion, so it’s easy enough for me and the CHS web team to keep an eye on ArborWiki and a couple more sites. Right now, I’m moderating the request/comment form. Our hosting plan is cheap but very adequate.
       —Matt Hampel    Dec. 17 '05 - 02:45PM    #