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Super Bowl Super City Weekend

3. February 2006 • Juliew
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Yes, sports fans, it is Super Bowl Weekend in Ann Arbor. The Super Bowl is this Sunday in Detroit and Ann Arbor has been designated one of eight Super Cities.

You may have noticed the fiberglass football Pigskins on Parade downtown. These will remain on the streets (under 24-hour police surveillance) through June, when they will be auctioned off to benefit the Ann Arbor Community Foundation. There is also a whole roster of events ostensibly related to Super Bowl XL.

So don’t miss Sciencepalooza at the Hands-On Museum, a Madden Bowl tournament at the Ann Arbor District Library, the Chinese New Year’s Lion Dance on Main Street, tours of Michigan Stadium, or a ride on the Responsible Driving Bus for your “Blues Cruise” tour of downtown bars and enjoy this Super weekend.

  1. I noticed that another “pigskin” has gone missing, despite 24-hour surveillance. It was in the plaza in front of the co-op, but was bolted to the non-cemented bricks in the ground… Yesterday there was no “pigskin” and a number of bricks appeared to have been taken up with it.

    I hope the bricks are returned soon.
       —FAA    Feb. 3 '06 - 04:29PM    #
  2. Ha, the police took that one because someone noticed that it had “tipped over.” They can’t bolt it back down until they replace the bricks. I noticed one of them on Liberty has been bolted to the concrete sidewalk with four bolts on each side. That can’t be good for the sidewalk. These things are going to cost us a lot in maintenance (and surveillance) over the next six months!
       —Juliew    Feb. 3 '06 - 04:35PM    #
  3. dude. until JUNE?
       —Heidi    Feb. 4 '06 - 07:39PM    #
  4. dude. until JUNE?

    Unfortunately, yes.
       —Juliew    Feb. 4 '06 - 10:28PM    #
  5. Those things, along with the ice-sculptures of restaurant logos, are embarrassing.
       —Brandon    Feb. 5 '06 - 10:26PM    #
  6. Thankfully, it seems the Pigskins on Parade have quietly been removed, two months ahead of schedule.

       —Juliew    Apr. 25 '06 - 11:26PM    #