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"New campaign to combat sweatshops"

5. February 2006 • Ari Paul
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The Students for Labor and Economic Equality are off again to keep University apparel from being made by sweatshop labor.

The Michigan Daily has the story:

The campaign submitted to the University last fall a proposal to require brands to only use factories that meet the requirements of the Designated Suppliers Program – a program under the watchdog group United Students Against Sweatshops, which maintains a list of factories with good labor practices.

The proposal is still under consideration, said RC sophomore Adri Miller, a SOLE member.

Members of the Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights could not be reached for comment.

According to the USAS website, the factories that meet the requirements of the Designated Suppliers Program have been “determined by universities to have affirmatively demonstrated full and consistent respect for the rights of their employees.” Two other main stipulations regard rights of association and livable wages.

This is not the first time SOLE has campaigned on Michigan apparel.

In March 2001, the University implemented a supplier code of conduct that required all factories producing licensed University attire to enforce a set of labor standards, including a limit on work hours and fair pay.

  1. Another SOLE campaign: Raising the Minimum Wage.

    A new site is up by one of our allies, ACORN, supporting the state ballot initiative:

    and of course, a blog:

       —bates    Feb. 14 '06 - 02:20AM    #
  2. Does it raise the wages of Palestinians?

    Or do the readers of ArborUpdate continue to support the violent and criminal injustice of low wages for Palestinians imposed by the murderous, racist, hegemonist, Zionist Sharon regime through their silence and indifference?

       ——Bliane. (Palsetine)    Feb. 14 '06 - 06:33AM    #
  3. blaine,

    please do a search (its in the upper right hand corner) for “palestine”...then do a search for “israel” will see that we cover this issue, especially when it has affected the ann arbor community…

    after these messages,
    ari p.

       —Ari P.    Feb. 14 '06 - 07:09AM    #
  4. i had assumed you didn’t misspell your own name…but my point remains…

    don’t fake the blaine,
    ari p.

       —Ari P.    Feb. 14 '06 - 07:25AM    #