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SCP joins DAAP, MPP, S4M. "OK"

15. February 2006 • David Boyle
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In yesterday’s Daily article Fourth party joins crowded MSA race: Student Conservative Party aims to revamp assembly, reallocate unnecessary spending ,
“A fourth challenger has entered the ring in next month’s Michigan Student Assembly elections. The Student Conservative Party officially formed two weeks ago…
SCP hopes to decrease student apathy by making MSA less partisan [then why are they “Conservative”?]...
...LSA junior Tommi Turner will run for vice president. He [Tommi is female, per the Daily photo] said he [sic] had the option to run for Studens [sic] 4 Michigan but knew the assembly needed change.
Turner cited resolutions like the one MSA passed condemning the war in Iraq in 2003 as examples of the assembly’s flaws. “MSA is not here to change the way the world works; we are here to affect student concerns,” she [Turner is now identified as female] said.
The party was organized last fall when Clark learned that MSA had spent $20,000 to bring Ludacris to Hill Auditorium.
“The money would have been better spent on any hypothetical group, like the Wolverine F[ ]rt Club,” Fantuzzi said. [!!!]
...The party would also push the administration to bring Coca-Cola products back to campus. Members said it should be a student’s choice whether he approves of the beverage heavyweight’s business practices, not the University administration’s. [So much for divesting from South African products during apartheid…]
A similar party, the libertarian-leaning New Frontier Party, cropped up in 1998. The New Frontier Party lost that year’s election and never ran again, fading into MSA’s crowded graveyard of defunct parties. [See the present author’s 2/12/06 AU story Interesting MSA election race developments , “MSA election history is littered with the corpses of new parties which quickly died off after challenging the reigning Blue/Students 1st/Students 4 Michigan monoliths…”]
Party chair Clark Ruper, Fantuzzi and Turner are the only three members of the new party.
...Walter Nowinski, MPP’s candidate for vice president, said he will welcome the new views that SCP will bring to the upcoming election.
“We welcome as many new student parties as possible and are excited parties are defining themselves based on their ideals and visions for campus,” he said.”
Based on some of SCP’s positions and language (“f-rt”), I wonder if Nowinski is being more polite than needed. Even if SCP happen to end up as the real “No-Win-skis”, though, this author still wishes them a polite good luck.

  1. Boyle, you seriously just bleeped-out the word “fart”?

       —Brandon    Feb. 15 '06 - 03:16AM    #
  2. “So I hear”

       —David Boyle    Feb. 15 '06 - 04:42AM    #
  3. No really, is it that hard to write your commentary in a comment?
    Congratulations, you succeeded in making the article even less readable.

       —Kelli    Feb. 15 '06 - 06:19AM    #
  4. Ironically, some people have complained that I tended to be the first person commenting on my own posts. (As is the habit at Daily Kos)

    So I’m darned if I do, darned if I don’t!
       —David Boyle    Feb. 15 '06 - 06:29AM    #