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Students' Night at City Council

20. March 2006 • Dale Winling
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Tonight at City Council’s bi-weekly meeting, the city’s elected representatives will deal with two well-publicized issues with particular relevance to students. The first is a second public hearing of the lease signing ordinance. The second is a resolution beginning implementation of the Calthorpe recommendations, postponed from the February 21 meeting.

UPDATE: The lease ordinance passed unanimously, with a 90-day no show/lease clause.

In related urban development news, Kingsley Lane and Metro 202 are both public hearings on the City’s agenda tonight. Word has also been going around that Councilmember Bob Johnson (D-1st) is working on a proposal for design guidelines for new construction, one of the key suggestions of the Calthorpe recommendations.

In more mundane but potentially important matters, Mayor Hieftje makes a proposal about renewable energy portfolio standards for utilities, the city will amend its employment agreement with City Attorney, Stephen Postema, and a number of local environmental issues receive attention.

  1. So why is this “Students’ Night at City Council”? Seems to me like it is an agenda of interest to the general public.

       —Juliew    Mar. 21 '06 - 02:21AM    #
  2. Definitely. However, students’ strong participation in the Calthorpe workshops and the obvious implications of the lease ordinance make this particularly notable (for positive reasons) for students. Most of the agenda is, of course, general interest, but the most appealing angle seemed to be students and I also wanted to use an apostrophe.

       —Dale    Mar. 21 '06 - 02:41AM    #
  3. I second Dale. Go DW!

       —David Boyle    Mar. 21 '06 - 02:44AM    #
  4. I hope students show up to testify at the public hearing on the lease ordinance. It would not be good if the only folks showing up are cranky landlords.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 21 '06 - 03:55AM    #
  5. The public hearing looked like it was balanced between students and landlords. As I type this, Council is in recess, trying to work out some amendments.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 21 '06 - 07:03AM    #
  6. Wish I were there. And that the Art and Architecture Building’s massive plasma TV got CTN.

       —Dale    Mar. 21 '06 - 07:11AM    #
  7. The lease signing ordinance passed (unanimously I think). I wasn’t paying enough attention to see what the various amendments were or which ones passed. Most of them were related to administrative issues.

       —Juliew    Mar. 21 '06 - 07:43AM    #
  8. The lease signing ordinance passed unanimously after more than an hour of discussion…

       —TPM    Mar. 21 '06 - 07:43AM    #
  9. Great!!

       —David Cahill    Mar. 21 '06 - 06:31PM    #