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Saturday: College Democrats Host Pancake Breakfast

22. March 2006 • Brandon
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/Hungry for flapjacks ?
Want to support a GREAT cause?/

Please join us as the University of Michigan College Democrats for

A Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

With Special Guest Congressman John Dingell & other area elected officials!

Saturday, March 25, 2006
9:30-11:00 AM
Arbor Brewing Company, 114 E. Washington St., Ann Arbor, MI

Admission: $10 Community Members/ $4 Students/Children

Proceeds go to benefit the College Democrats as we gear up for the 2006 election. We
need funds to help us register, educate, and get out voters on campus as well as to send
student volunteers to help out on key races around the state.

Buy tickets in advance at or pay at the door!
Questions? Please email Ramya at
All proceeds benefit the University of Michigan College Democrats

  1. I think it’s worth pointing out that in addition to pancakes, there’ll be eggs and bacon, [per the UM Dems website] ... so you’ll be able to build your own giant McGriddles. Yum.

       —HD    Mar. 23 '06 - 03:21AM    #
  2. Sorry just bacon, no eggs. But still tons of pancakes

       —Libby Benton    Mar. 23 '06 - 09:56AM    #
  3. Libby,

    [re: Comment 3] Apparently, in addition to bacon, there’s going to be SPAM, huh?

    But seriously, no eggs?! NO EGGS?! The website says there’s going to be eggs: “Tickets include hearty breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice, etc)”

    What a disappointment, if there’s no eggs.

       —HD    Mar. 23 '06 - 05:45PM    #
  4. Looks like the yolk’s on you. 8-)

       —David Cahill    Mar. 23 '06 - 06:06PM    #
  5. [canned processed meat-based comment removed. Sorry to break your reference, HD.]

       —Murph.    Mar. 23 '06 - 07:27PM    #
  6. Speaking of spam, did any other students think it was hillarious that the Michigan Progressive Party spammed everyone vowing to stop election spam?

    And that is why, for the first time, I opted out of voting in student government elections this year.

       —Brandon    Mar. 23 '06 - 07:59PM    #
  7. (My strategy has usually been to vote for the candidate who has spammed me the least, and to notify the worst offenders that this was the effect of their spamming. Judging from an admittedly small sample size, I think MPP’s message was very effective.

    Nor do I think it’s an unreasonable/ironic strategy – they’re not promising not to spam anymore, they’re promising to disallow spam, right? They have to use the current rules to get to the point to change the rules…)

       —Murph.    Mar. 23 '06 - 08:21PM    #
  8. What a headache.

       —Brandon    Mar. 23 '06 - 08:57PM    #
  9. Also, maybe someone who’s followed this more closely can explain to me why “losing” money on an on-campus show is an issue. Such shows are generally subsidized by University funding to provide entertainment and cultural opportunities. Granted, it isn’t $20,000, but the Arts & Programs office is going to be “losing” money on tomorrow’s Thunderbirds are Now! show even with the expected sell-out. We could charge more for tickets, but wanted to keep things accessible for students.

       —Brandon    Mar. 23 '06 - 09:02PM    #
  10. See, e.g., Travis Radina of MPP (and some others), Why Ludacris IS still an issue. , from one of my entries on the MSA campaign.

       —David Boyle    Mar. 23 '06 - 10:58PM    #
  11. Murph said:
    “Nor do I think it’s an unreasonable/ironic strategy – they’re not promising not to spam anymore, they’re promising to disallow spam, right? They have to use the current rules to get to the point to change the rules…”

    Now there’s an interesting ethical dilemma. Do we become the crooks to stop the crooks? ;)

    We had many long (and often unending) discussions about this very thing in GPMI.

       —Marc R.    Mar. 24 '06 - 12:57AM    #
  12. Hey, I’m for anything that stops the flow of MSA elections propaganda to my inbox. Preemptive strikes on SCP’s nuclear facilities? Sure, fine, whatever.

    I mean, I’m not even eligible to vote anymore…

       —Murph.    Mar. 24 '06 - 01:19AM    #
  13. Ah. So it’s the purest motivation of politics: self-interest. ;)

    Now, you’re talkin’...

       —Marc R.    Mar. 24 '06 - 01:54AM    #
  14. The mention of eggs as a part of the pancake breakfast has been redacted from the College Dems website. Sorry if my comments caused someone to scramble around unnecessarily updating the site. I wasn’t trying to be hard-boiled about it.

       —HD    Mar. 24 '06 - 02:20AM    #
  15. OK, no eggs. How about mimosas?

    Reasons I think that the Ludacris show was particularly singled out for losing money, personal-experience wise:

    a) the Ludacris show was horribly promoted (method of ticket selling and late announcement times particularly), and probably could’ve turned a profit for smaller shows / activities if it was done correctly.

    b) the ticket prices were out of range at least for myself – and I was willing to drop at least some money to tell my grandchildren I saw Ludacris play the freakin’ Hill Auditorium.

    One or the other would’ve sufficed: promote well enough in advance so people will plan around the date and have the money, or sell the tickets for cheap and fill the seats at least.

    MSA elections… I won’t even go there. Well, one thing: at least the spam is better than the neon-color political flyers covering every inch of the MLB first floor during election week… as if the MLB itself wasn’t bad enough.

       —Jen    Mar. 24 '06 - 02:56AM    #
  16. Geez, I think they sent that spam to everyone at the U! I know a bunch of us got it who have never even been students. I was able to log in to the website too.

    Oh, and HD, that spam and eggs comment was classic.

       —Juliew    Mar. 24 '06 - 03:10AM    #
  17. Sabra and I will be at the breakfast. See you there!

       —David Cahill    Mar. 25 '06 - 04:42AM    #
  18. Quite the event! Venerable Congressional oak John Dingell flipping pancakes (a little after I myself was doing so, along with local State Representative candidate Rebekah Warren co-flipping on my right…the photo may appear one day), and also sighted (I think most or all of them “flipped” too) were Liz Brater, Chris Kolb, Larry Kestenbaum, Pam Byrnes, Leigh Greden, (no John Hieftje! uh ohh), a million dedicated young Democrats including current UM chair Libby Benton, etc. etc., sorry if did not mention everybody! Good time and many calories had by all.—We “”had”” to sign nominating petitions for candidates though…(heh) just kidding, no one was forced, but people signed anyway from high spirits et al.

    I may have gained 12 pounds from the pancakes and bacon. Oink! Thanks UM Dems!
       —David Boyle    Mar. 25 '06 - 11:28PM    #
  19. Wow – there were easily 50 people and maybe closer to 100 at the breakfast! I saw Rep. Kathy Angerer. I traded slimy gossip with Council member Bob Johnson. Mayoral candidate Wendy Woods was there.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 25 '06 - 11:45PM    #
  20. Oop! I forgot to mention Second Ward Council member Stephen Rapundalo.

       —David Cahill    Mar. 26 '06 - 01:00AM    #
  21. David – fyi, Mayor John Hieftje was attending the Board meeting of an international environmental group (the name of which escapes me) in Ontario near Lake Superior. He could not make it home in time for the breakfast. So there is no “oh oh” involved.

       —Leah    Mar. 26 '06 - 02:12AM    #
  22. Thanks! I do know at least one guy who was there and said, “I wanted to talk to JH about something, he should be here soon” or such. But I’m all for a “superior” environment. . .

       —David Boyle    Mar. 26 '06 - 03:05AM    #
  23. Just tell that person to call the Mayor’s office at 994-2766.

       —Leah    Mar. 26 '06 - 03:25AM    #
  24. Thanks all for coming to the breakfast! Especially to our celebrity pancake flippers, photos should be up on our website soon!

       —Libby Benton    Mar. 26 '06 - 03:54AM    #
  25. You’re quite welcome!! :D

       —David Boyle    Mar. 27 '06 - 01:05AM    #