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Audio of bands playing soon, cool.

28. March 2006 • MarkDilley
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  1. Too bad it utilizes some inferior calendar program instead of upcoming and requires too much effort from the end user. It could be cool if it had a staff to make sure that things got posted.

       —js    Mar. 29 '06 - 07:46PM    #
  2. js, when you say “too much effort from the end user,” you mean the effort to actually get it into an iPod as a podcast, right? Because I thought the web interface was pretty efficient, clean, etc. Not owning an iPod, it serves my (limited) appetite for previewing the music of artists playing locally, organized by date and venue. You suggested more complete listings could result from having a staff (who would probably have to be paid something). Were you able to figure out if/how this operation gets revenue? I couldn’t piece that part together.

       —HD    Mar. 29 '06 - 09:09PM    #
  3. podbop uses eventful (evdb), and the eventful folks have a way to post events to both eventful and

    so if you want things to get posted, use eventful in addition to (the same way you use current in addition to the snooze or the daily)

       —Edward Vielmetti    Mar. 30 '06 - 09:52AM    #