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Daily Editor Joins "Michigamua"

12. July 2006 • Ari Paul
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In a rare “Daily in the Daily” story:

Donn Fresard, The Michigan Daily’s fall/winter editor in chief, recently announced plans to join the campus society formerly known as Michigamua.

His decision has sparked a blaze of controversy at the Daily and prompted the second highest-ranking fall/winter editor to resign her post.

Ashley Dinges, who was the paper’s managing editor, resigned July 2 on the grounds that Fresard’s membership in the group – which is composed of some of the campus’s most influential student leaders – will be a conflict of interest.

The Daily often covers those leaders’ organizations and teams and also covers the group itself.

  1. Wait… You mean high-ranking members of the news media are often closely associated with the people they’re supposed to be reporting on? Wonder what’ll happen when he gets his invite to the Council on Foreign Relations?

       —Marc R.    Jul. 12 '06 - 05:14PM    #