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Another Use of a Parking Spot

21. July 2006 • MarkDilley
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Citywide parking space art event
The only requirements are that you:
1. Use a parking space with a meter
2. Don’t engage in any activity that would be illegal in and of itself

You will “rent” the space(s) by paying the requisite amount for the time. This payment should authorize and entitle you to use the space in any way you choose. Why should cars be privileged? Why should so much space be devoted exclusively to automobiles?

The purpose of these citywide action/performances is to interfere with the monolithic and unimaginative uses of urban space.

via Chicago folks Humanize the Earth! and The Place Where We Live

  1. So I wonder if the meter attendants are going to hand out tickets directly to people for expired meters? In Ann Arbor I would sure think so.

    -Ross who has probably paid enough parking tickets over the years to fund the art fair completely. ;)

       —Ross J    Jul. 21 '06 - 09:06PM    #