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2006 Student Move-In

28. August 2006 • Juliew
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UM Move-in

UM Fall Move-In days are Tuesday, August 29 through Friday, September 1.

Parts of the following streets will be closed, routed to one-way, or “affected”: Thompson; Madison; Observatory; Washington Heights; East Ann; Monroe; Jefferson; Maynard; East University; Willard; and Church.

The following parking lots will be closed, have limited parking, or “affected”: Bursley Hall Parking Lot; Thompson Street Structure; Lot W16 (the “Triangle Lot”), located at Thompson, Packard and Madison; Lot W18, located next to Parking Services and the Thompson Street Parking Structure Lot; Lot M26 on East Medical Center Drive; Lot M28 on Washington Heights across from Markley Hall; and Lot E1 on North University Court across from Stockwell Hall.

More information is available at University Housing web site or from the notice sent to UM Staff. Questions concerning alternate parking options should be directed to U-M Parking Services at (734) 764-8291. For more on the Fall Move-In, contact the Housing Information Office at (734) 763-3164.

  1. Be aware that not all streets are converting on the same days this year.

    The streets around the hill dormitories will be shifting to one-way traffic on Tuesday (ann, observatory, etc.), while the rest of the streets will be adapting on Wednesday. Everything will revert to normal after Friday.

    It’ll be nice to have the energy of the students back after a relaxing summer…

       —kena    Aug. 28 '06 - 06:10AM    #
  2. That photo looks a tad suburban. Are they now moving to Easy Street?

       —Brandon    Aug. 29 '06 - 06:33PM    #
  3. Can’t be Easy Street, there is a sidewalk in the picture.

       —tom    Aug. 29 '06 - 06:39PM    #
  4. Naw, I took the picture on Sunday of the students moving in across the street from my house (copyright is easier that way). The house in the picture was “remuddled” a few years ago when the former owner died and now looks like a suburban dream/nightmare in the middle of an old neighborhood close to downtown.

       —Juliew    Aug. 29 '06 - 06:57PM    #