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1. September 2006 • MarkDilley
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Scott TenBrink, a new guest contributor here, has started collecting and posting tips, tricks, resources and ideas on living without a car in Ann Arbor at Carfree Ann Arbor

The intent is to recognize and support what I’m finding to be quite a large number of people living carfree in and around town. Hopefully everyone can pick up some good ideas about getting around without a car. The info is local when possible and it would be great if others would contribute their own ideas via post comments, email or becoming a regular contributor.

Despite the name, info on Ypsilanti and surrounding communities is encouraged.

  1. Neato! Thanks for doing this, Scott.

       —Bruce Fields    Sep. 1 '06 - 09:24PM    #
  2. Scott,
    I tried to post a comment on the site (related to AATA) but it wouldn’t let me. Don’t know why, maybe you do.

       —Nancy Shore    Sep. 2 '06 - 01:17AM    #
  3. Looks like moderation’s turned on, so probably no comments get posted till Scott wakes up and signs off on them.

    Perhaps he could be persuaded to turn that off….

       —Bruce Fields    Sep. 2 '06 - 01:36AM    #
  4. Nancy, the site is moderated (meaning Scott has to approve all comments) which might be what you are seeing. I also had a problem commenting using Internet Explorer because I couldn’t see the required confirmation word, but it worked fine in Firefox (although the comment is still pending approval).

       —Juliew    Sep. 2 '06 - 01:36AM    #
  5. Bruce nailed it. First thing I did out of bed this morning was axe the moderation. I was thinking that it was extra spam protection, but that seems unnecessary.

    Julie, I had no idea White Market delivered. Could you provide more detail on how to order?

    Nancy, I didn’t get a post from you. Maybe you could try again or email me and we can figure out what went wrong.


       —Scott TenBrink    Sep. 2 '06 - 06:29AM    #
  6. OK, here are some more details on White Market’s delivery service (Scott, I’ll post this on Carfree Ann Arbor too). They deliver Tuesday through Saturday afternoons within Ann Arbor city limits. If you live in a house or apartment, they will deliver to your door. If you are in a dorm, they deliver to the front desk. You can call in your order up until noon of the day you want it delivered. They will deliver anything they carry in the store so you can either call in specific items, or say that you want “crackers” and they will work with you to figure out what you want. The minimum order is $20 and they have a $3 delivery fee. If you call them in the morning (663-4253), anyone who answers the phone should be able to help you.

       —Juliew    Sep. 8 '06 - 02:15AM    #
  7. If you’re looking for milk, Calder Dairy delivers. You set up a weekly standing order and a truck comes to your house to drop things off. You’ll need a cooler to store things (they don’t provide that). They also deliver butter, eggs, whipping cream, and orange juice. There is a small delivery fee ($1.25), and half gallons of milk in glass bottles from happy cows are about $2.50.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Sep. 9 '06 - 05:31AM    #
  8. I sent in a suggestion to the AATA that they add service to the Botanical Gardens. I got a response back from Chris Write which I blogged here:

       —Edward Vielmetti    Sep. 9 '06 - 05:33AM    #