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Out of the Labrinth: International Day of Peace Vigil

16. September 2006 • Chuck Warpehoski
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I was over at the Wesley Foundation at the corner of State and Huron and they have their labrynth all set up and ready for the International Day of Peace .

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill 24-hour, midnight-to-midnight peace vigil on September 21 to mark the International Day of Peace. This one will have include 24 hours of people walking the labrinth (in shifts, of course).

Want to learn more, you can download the vigil flyer .

Now, what I’m trying to figure out is if I can work this in as part of my marathon training for my run for peace .

  1. Best of luck Chuck!

    I ran the Detroit Marathon, the part where you cross into Canada is fun. And I am actually trying to get the Ann Arbor school district to start a marathon training program.

    (By way, may want to check your punctuation etc., heh…)

       —David Boyle    Sep. 16 '06 - 08:55AM    #
  2. I’m surprised at the expression of anger on the peace dove in the logo.

    Does anyone know of any other community events on the 21st?

       —Steve Bean    Sep. 16 '06 - 07:29PM    #
  3. This is shocking news:

    Sorry – had to find a thread with less than 500 postings.

       —John Q.    Oct. 13 '06 - 10:30PM    #
  4. voted off the island!

    and then there were 15 …

       —peter honeyman    Oct. 17 '06 - 05:13AM    #