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Power outage in Lower Burns Park

17. October 2006 • Brian Kerr
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Field micro-correspondent Ed Vielmetti writes:

Power is out west of Packard and north of stadium including at last notice the light at that corner. I don’t know the full extent.

Fortunately we had soup already made.

Anyone have details?

  1. re: scope of the outage

    Earlier this evening, we (general vicinity of 7th and Liberty) had a dimming of lights but it did not interrupt power enough to cause computers to reboot.

       —HD    Oct. 17 '06 - 06:13AM    #
  2. Everything was normal here on Broadway.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 17 '06 - 04:44PM    #
  3. Everything is fine now, the power was out for about three hours. It was very localized – people one block to the east and to the north of us had power.

    DTE called this morning telling us it was back on, about 10 hours after it had actually been restored. As usual with DTE, there was no diagnosis and no apology.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Oct. 17 '06 - 06:00PM    #
  4. It’s because we live in the Devil’s Triangle, Ed.

    I heard the light at Stadium and Packard was still out this morning around 7 a.m.

       —Chris    Oct. 17 '06 - 07:21PM    #
  5. It was out again today (Sat.)South of Stadium – luckily for less than an hour. Indeed, DTE just called back with an automated call, but do not give a cause. Once again the transformer blew with a “boom”. Does anyone know what is going on in our neighborhood?

       —Leah Gunn    Oct. 22 '06 - 02:11AM    #
  6. This is truly bizarre. I think you folks in the Devil’s Triangle should contact the Public Service Commission. The PSC can get some answers.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 22 '06 - 03:37AM    #
  7. I’m the original emailer around the over the summer numerous power glitch problem. Last week our wonderful plasma tv blew up. It literally popped as loud as a small firecracker. The diagnosis is a logic board and the power supply board. While not directly attributable to all the glitches, I find it hard to resist the association. Fortunately, the TV is under warranty, but at the same time, the DTE problem ultimately costs the consumer..

       —original emailer    Nov. 1 '06 - 04:05AM    #
  8. Because I have had five power outages since July, I was surveyed by a research company hired by DTE to give an evaluation of their service. I gave them bad ratings, ending with the comment that “This isn’t Bagdhad”. Also complained that one can never talk to a real person.

    Go to the DTE web site (I am not sure what it is because I have not used it) and e-mail Paul Ganz,the public relations director, with your complaints. They ONLY asked me about my specific address. I mentioned the “Devil’s Triangle” but obviously the surveyor had no idea what I meant, and asked those questions they had been contracted to ask.

    Hey – worth a try!

       —Leah    Nov. 5 '06 - 04:20AM    #