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"Super Mayor" reveals campaign plan in debate

18. October 2006 • Chuck Warpehoski
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'A prototype for our super-mayor...' from user thepartycow.The Michigan Daily has a report on last night’s mayoral debate between Tom Wall and John Hieftje.

The Daily article focuses more on Wall’s style than the substance of his comments, but they do have style:

Wall described a “super mayor” costume he intends to wear in front of the Michigan Union to make students aware of his candidacy.

“I’ll be singing a special song and handing out candy, there will be Little League cheerleaders with me and also a three-piece band,” he said.

For the substance of the debate, you’ll have to tune in to the CTN debate replays.

  1. This guy Wall sounds like an idiot.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 19 '06 - 03:26AM    #
  2. Quoting Tom Wall from the CTN debates Tuesday night:

    “We need to work really close together, we need not to be angry with each other, but know that negative talk is a positive thing. I’ve always found that out when you have people that are discussing things with you and they might call you a name or something [emphasis mine], but that’s still good because it’s a discussion and it’s leading in a positive way.”

       —HD    Oct. 19 '06 - 05:39AM    #
  3. Again quoting Tom Wall from the Tuesday night CTN debates on the topic of Lower Town and Broadway Village:

    “The developers are asking for 40 million dollars from the City. I am against giving a gift of public funds to a private developer. I struggle myself in business, and that’s the last thing … [apparent sarcasm now] I would love to have someone come up and give me some money, so I wouldn’t have to do the work myself.”

    So David Cahill, clearly Tom Wall doesn’t get his feelings hurt by being called an ‘idiot’, and it seems like you and Tom might actually find some common ground on the Broadway Village issue. A suggestion: give Tom a call and invite him to discuss the future of Lower Town over a beer. There’s more to being an advocate for democracy than filing FOIA requests.

       —HD    Oct. 19 '06 - 05:51AM    #
  4. I’m glad Wall joins the broad consensus of City voters in opposing the Broadway Village giveaway.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 20 '06 - 04:41PM    #