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Big George's - ''Local Jobs for Local People?''

2. November 2006 • MarkDilley
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There was a Picket Line this morning at the Big George’s appliance store expansion construction. They had signs that said “Local Jobs for Local People”, but I don’t really know what the details are. It would be interesting to know if other readers knew more about it.

Steve sent this in via email, does anyone know what this is about?

  1. I believe that this is some kind of union beef over their new building next door. I asked casually and everyone inside tried to duck.

       —abc    Nov. 2 '06 - 09:27PM    #
  2. I went in today to Big George’s and asks about the picketers. They told me that 6 out of the 8 subs were union. They tried to get bids from 2 IBEW shops during the bidding process. One did not respond with a bid after several calls. The other turned in an incomplete bid and was asked several times to turn in a complete bid and never did respond to the requests. So they went with a local family owned sub. It appears they tried so I don’t see why the union should have such a beef over it. They should be mad at their own guys.

       —DRC    Nov. 3 '06 - 01:56AM    #
  3. I just thought it was a clever riff on the League of Gentlemen. “Now now, we’ll have no trouble here, this is a LOCAL shop!”

       —Donkey Power    Nov. 7 '06 - 09:13PM    #