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Student production looking for actors

5. July 2004 • Matt Hollerbach
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The student-led production of “The Glue Factory” has sent out a casting call for the Ann Arbor area. The student-written play was originally performed in March 2004 as a Basement Arts production in the Frieze Building. Since then, the cast and directors have secured a spot at the 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Theatre Festival Festival.

In preparation for the trip, the company is attempting to raise money with benefit performances in the end of July and needs to begin rehearsing immediately. Unfortunately, two actors from the original cast are unable to travel to Scotland with the show, so the directors are looking for actors to fill the roles.

Interested actors should contact hmaples (at) Actors need to be between the ages of 17 and 25 – students and non-students welcome. Please note that only male roles are being cast at this time.

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[ 2004 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Official Website ]

please note that the author of this entry is a member of the company that is producing “The Glue Factory”

  1. i would love to act in the production if needed please contact me at:(
       —Ashley Johnson    Jun. 15 '05 - 07:34PM    #
  2. Ashley… You don’t seem to have understood this at all… In all acting except pornography, a basic literacy is required.
       —js    Jun. 15 '05 - 10:34PM    #
  3. when you have a job for me to act in a movie please call me at [ed.. phone number removed] or e- mail me please. im a 12 year old girl and all my live i’ve been wanting to act in amovie and be famouse
       —vannessa gomez    Jul. 2 '05 - 01:12AM    #