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U of M students occupy Coleman's office to protest sweatshop labor

2. April 2007 • Chuck Warpehoski
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We’ve just gotten word about a sit-in at the University of Michigan. Here’s the announcement:

At this very moment, students have taken over Mary Sue Coleman’s office, demanding that U – M cease the use of sweatshop labor. They will not leave until the president agrees to adopt the Designated Suppliers Program, a plan which would allow the University to go sweat-free while continuing to be a top manufacturer of college apparel.

Come show your support of these 11 students, who are risking arrest to help make this a sweat-free campus. There will be a RALLY at NOON at the CUBE calling for an end to U – M sweatshops.

If you want to help out right now, you can call the President’s office and ask that she adopt the DSP. The number to call is (734)764-6270. Call once, call twice, call 50 times! For more information, go to

See you at the cube at noon!


  1. They are also planning a support rally at 7:00, so there’s an extra chance to show your support.

    And the website has a handy link so you can send an email of support and a link to donate to their legal support fund.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Apr. 3 '07 - 07:35PM    #
  2. On the arrests, see, e.g., Freep, A dozen U-M student protesters arrested during sit-in: Other protestors vow to continue the fight , and at Arblogger with photos, Sweatfree pays Mary Sue a little visit—Further UPDATED w/arrest photos .

       —David Boyle    Apr. 4 '07 - 03:43AM    #
  3. The students are asking folks to take action to support the UM joining the Designated Suppliers Program and to drop charges against the students.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Apr. 5 '07 - 12:30AM    #
  4. The students were trespassing, and should have been arrested. No matter that they think they are trying to change the university, they must still observe the laws.

    I wonder how many of them aren’t really students but are agitators from such notorious orgs as ANSWER?

    I also would like to know where the “protesters” bought the clothes they were wearing. I’ll bet most of their personal clothing was made by “sweatshop” labor.

       —chicopanther    Apr. 5 '07 - 01:19AM    #
  5. chicopanther…i agree.

    I bet anything BAMN was involved.

       —Jackson    Apr. 5 '07 - 01:42AM    #
  6. Jackson: I hereby wager you $100.

    None of them were agitators you morons.

       —Adam D    Apr. 6 '07 - 11:11AM    #