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Moment Magazine: Regime Change '04

7. July 2004 • Ari Paul
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The MOMENT Editorial Collective invites you to attend …

Regime Change ‘04
Show us what democracy looks like.

Saturday, July 17, 2004, 4:30-6:30pm
The Senior Center
Burns Park
1320 Baldwin, Ann Arbor
(the eastern boundary of the park, Baldwin is three
blocks east of Packard off Granger)

Panelists will include:
Jeff Irwin – Democratic Party; Washtenaw County Commissioner; Michigan
League of Conservation Voters
Marc Reichardt – Chair, Green Party of Michigan
Lara Rusch – Metropolitan Organization Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES)
Michelle Lin – League of Pissed Off Voters; Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)
Marie Mason – Earth First; Highland Park Human Rights Commission
Phil Carroll – People’s Progressive Network
Jerry White – Socialist Equality Party, Congressional candidate for the 15th District
Margaret Guttschall—Michigan Cooridinator for VoteNader.Org
S. A. Trudy Swanson – Mayor Pro Tem, City of Ypsilanti and Council Person for Ward 1

For more info, contact Cedric de Leon at cdeleon AT or

  1. Where does Moment get its funds? I understood it was mostly money from the UofM. Does anyone know about this?

    Also, to all non-profit types, raise money into a fund that you only spend the interest off the money, that way you get a steady source of income, and can run an opperation that can continue and not flutter out when the money sources dry up.
       —Just a Voice    Jul. 8 '04 - 12:59PM    #
  2. Ann Arbor resident and all-around nice guy Tomo Huynh has an article in the June/August issue (don’t ask me what happened to July) of Moment magazine:
       —Micah    Jul. 9 '04 - 03:18PM    #
  3. (/me puts two and two together, realizing that an Ann Arbor person appearing in a umich publication isn’t exactly a notable event. sorry about that.)
       —Micah    Jul. 9 '04 - 03:21PM    #