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AATA Snow Delays

1. February 2008 • Juliew
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From the AATA:

Anyone using Ann Arbor Transportation Authority services today (Friday, February 1) can expect delays due to the current snow storm. For the latest information, call 734.996.0400, go to AATA’s real time information or the AATA web site at

  1. You can expect the first bus you take to be delayed and the second bus to be precisely on time and refuse to wait for transferring passengers. Well, if my experience was any indication.

       —ann arbor is overrated    Feb. 1 '08 - 08:57PM    #
  2. The AATA has issued another snow delay alert. You can expect delays due to the current conditions.

       —Juliew    Feb. 7 '08 - 03:26AM    #
  3. They don’t appear to be on schedule this morning, either.

    But I got to use the real-time information for once, thanks to Cafe Marie’s wifi. Well, anyway, it provided some entertainment while I waited.

       —Bruce Fields    Feb. 7 '08 - 08:43PM    #
  4. Last Friday morning, on my walk to work, I watched as four (four!) people waited on Ashley (outside Sweetwaters) for the Link. I heard the bus approach from behind and watched the four move to the curb in anticipation of boarding. I then saw the purple bus accelerate in what looked like an attempt to beat the red light at Washington as two of the potential passengers jumped up and down and waved their hands. The other two just looked at each other and shook their heads. After a moment, they all hurried off.

    Awesome way to get people excited about public transit.

       —imjustsayin    Feb. 12 '08 - 07:35AM    #
  5. Have you called AATA to report it?

       —Steve Bean    Feb. 12 '08 - 05:56PM    #
  6. Use to figure out where your bus is at. It works on cell phone browsers.

       —Ken    Feb. 13 '08 - 02:12AM    #
  7. Hey Ken, these folks knew exactly where their bus was. They could see it whiz by at 30 mph. They were probably following the Link bus on their cell phone browsers as they phoned the office to tell them they’d be late for work.

       —imjustsayin    Feb. 13 '08 - 03:35AM    #
  8. I’m with Steve, give them a call and find out what’s up.

    I’ve been riding the aata for over 13 years and can’t recall that happening, so I’m inclined to suspect there was some reason other than a driver’s whim, but who knows—give them a call.

       —Bruce Fields    Feb. 13 '08 - 04:23AM    #