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City Council: Living Wage

3. March 2008 • Juliew
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Monday, March 3 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallCity Council Agenda


  • Ordinance to amend sections of the living wage requirements so that non-profit organizations who furnish services under contract to the City or receive financial assistance under a grant program administered by the City would not be subject to the living wage requirement unless the contract amount or grant award exceeds $40,000 in a 12-month period.

  • Resolution to have City Council consider some changes to the compost pickup amendments from February 4.
  • Resolution to create Ad-hoc Golf Advisory Committee.
  • Approval of a greenbelt purchase with Webster Township.
  • Resolution to Transfer Delinquent Sidewalk Improvement Charges to the 2008 City Tax Roll (postponed since October).

  1. Here’s a question on the proposed living wage exemption.

    This is billed as a way to give Summerfest more money for their high school student short-term staff. But what other nonprofit grants or contracts would fall into this expanded exemption?

    For example, if I’m not mistaken, our recycling services are handled by a nonprofit. Now, I’m sure that contract is over $40,000, but it indicates that we may be looking at more than just short-term high school workers.

    I’d be wary of approving this until we know what all would fall into this expanded coverage.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Mar. 3 '08 - 08:29PM    #
  2. There is a good discussion of the living wage over on AAIO.

       —Juliew    Mar. 3 '08 - 10:01PM    #
  3. RE: Zoning 1A versus 1B

    Two speakers during Public Commentary have just argued that the zoning of all properties on the north side of Geddes (that are greater than .5 acre) should be 1A and not 1B. This, in connection annexation of their property to the City.

    Can someone who knows the difference between 1A and 1B Zoning comment on what the difference is, and why these residents care about this difference?

       —HD    Mar. 4 '08 - 05:33AM    #
  4. HD, it has to do with lot size and building placement. R1A has a minimum lot size of 20,000 sq. ft./dwelling unit while R1B has a mimimum lot size of 10,000 sq.ft./dwelling unit. You can find the specifics in the City Code Chapter 55, Article III, Section 5:24. The rezoning, by the way, did pass as R1B.

    The living wage item was postponed pending further information, as was the composting/solid waste item.

       —Juliew    Mar. 4 '08 - 06:18AM    #