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AATA Seeks Input on Service Changes

12. March 2008 • Nancy Shore
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The AATA announced a list of service changes that it is proposing for the fall. You can view the list of changes here

AATA has this to say about the proposed changes:

“Overall, the proposed changes are designed to add service during morning and afternoon peak hours, and improve on-time performance on routes where this has been a problem, including the 4, 1U and 12U routes. The proposed changes would improve service to the Miller Road Park & Ride lot and add service to the new Skyline High School.”

Some other highlights of the changes:

  • Route 4: Buses from UM Medical Center from Arborland would operate all year round and would add another bus to this service.
  • Route 4: Buses from Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor wouldn’t pull into Manchester.
  • Route 7: A 10:45pm trip from the downtown to the Pioneer High Park and Ride would be added to this route.
  • Route 12UL: This route would be eliminated and replaced with more frequent service on the #8.
  • Route 8: Frequency would increase to every 15 minutes.
  • 12UM: Increase service to Miller Road Park and Ride Lot and service to Skyline High.
  • Route 13 and 14: Midday service would be eliminated

There are many ways for you to comment on these changes:

1) By computer: Comment or ask questions by email to (put “Service Changes” in subject line).

2) By phone: Call the service change hotline at 734.677.3934.

3) By fax: To 734.973.6338 (put “Service Changes” in subject line).

4) By mail: AATA Service Changes, 2700 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor, MI 48104.

5) At public information meetings:
AATA staff will be in attendance to answer questions and discuss the proposed changes. Reasonable accommodation to permit persons with disabilities to participate will be made if requested at least two days in advance.

The Public Info meetings are listed in the link above and start on March 25th.

  1. FYI to clarify some things:

    AATA will post the Maps to the changes on March 24th.

    Midday service means between approximately 9:15-3:15pm

       —Nancy Shore    Mar. 13 '08 - 06:36PM    #