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Lane Closed Ahead

15. April 2008 • Juliew
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Some big construction projects are going to close City street lanes and sidewalks for the next few, well, years.

Northbound State Street between Washington and Huron
Beginning in early March, both northbound lanes on State Street between Washington and Huron streets were closed. Northbound traffic is being detoured on westbound Washington to Division to Huron to State. Southbound State Street traffic is not affected. Lanes should open spring of 2010. The sidewalks adjacent to this project are also closed and crossing State can be difficult on foot because of the new turn lane.

Huron Street from Division(ish) to Fletcher
One east-bound lane of Huron Street from mid-block between Division and State streets to mid-block between State and Fletcher streets is closed until spring 2010. Two-way traffic will continue. Sidewalks adjacent to the project are closed.

East Washington
One lane of East Washington Street is currently closed east of Division. Sidewalks adjacent to the project (on Division and East Washington) are closed. The North sidewalk on East Washington is also closed between Thayer and State. East Washington between Fletcher Street and Thayer Street will be completely closed from June 9 through July 8 for the Summer Festival.

Possible South Main Street
This has been approved by Council with strings attached. The City and the University are now working on the details. The lane closure is one lane on South Main from Stadium to Pauline. The lane will be reopened temporarily for the week of Art Fair 2008 and then permanently reopened Julyish of 2009.

Huron River Drive
Huron River Drive will be closed on and off for the next two years. They anticipate it will be closed from May-September of 2008 and again from May-September of 2009.

West Stadium from Pauline to Seventh
This street resurfacing and improvement project is scheduled to begin Fall of 2008, but may be postponed depending on the Stadium construction.

Local Street Resurfacing Projects
These projects will impact 22 city streets over the summer.

Looks like it might be the perfect time to Curb your Car.

  1. Thanks for the plug, Juliew.

    I’ve actually done a little research on where to find out about lane closures, etc. online and compiled the info here. I haven’t actually put a link to this page on my website yet, so you can consider it an Arbor Update exclusive.

       —Nancy    Apr. 15 '08 - 05:21AM    #
  2. Nancy, this is great. It will be good to have these together! However, I noticed when that the U has their projects and the City has their projects, but no one seems to have anything about street closings for private developments (like the one on Washington and Division or the Anberay project). I would hope the city would add these to their page. City Council has to approve the closings and City Staff works to do the closings so someone must know about them!

       —Juliew    Apr. 15 '08 - 06:20AM    #
  3. Thanks for the heads-up! While I despise road construction, I have to admit that it will be nice to be able to drive through town without fear of a blowout from hitting a pothole. The roads in Ann Arbor have become pretty rough… I guess I’ll have to keep positive as I work my way through all the detours I’m sure to hit in the next few years.

       —Skyler    Apr. 19 '08 - 09:09PM    #