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UM starts Semester in Detroit program

4. July 2008 • Matt Hampel
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As an alternative (or a complement) to a traditional study abroad program, the University of Michigan is now coordinating an undergraduate semester in Detroit program. The program plans to send the first group of 20-25 students in Winter 2009.

Organized internships at local community service and arts organizations will be a core part of the program, along with classes taught at the University’s Detroit Center. Students who participate will be living in a Wayne State dorm, not a Detroit neighborhood.

It seems to me that many of us UM undergraduates don’t spend a semester in Ann Arbor.

  1. It seems to me U-M had always had some presence inthe area around Woodward. I recall a University of Michigan Rackham Building there some years ago, but I never really was aware what activities went on there, but noticed that U-M’s name was on a sign facing Warren Avenue on a parking structure not far from the Wayne State campus. In any event it was a great place for students to the extent you had the Detroit Public Library, Detroit Science Center, and WSU Medical School campus nearby.

       —Kerry D.    Jul. 6 '08 - 12:37AM    #
  2. The Ginsberg Center is involved in this, so i would imagine that this is the next version or offshoot of the Community Based Initiative that the School of Social Work started back in 2000.

    Students getting an SW degree that focuses on Community & Social Systems have the option of taking classes in Detroit (southwest side when i went through in 2002). Leaders from local organizations frequently came in to lead class sessions, and there were a series of projects which tied in with local issues. Field placement (mandatory SW internships) also was in Detroit.

    It was a good experience. I’m happy to see UM taking it to the next level. This will help people to see that AA is part of a larger region.

       —Ken A.    Jul. 6 '08 - 08:10AM    #