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4. September 2008 • Matt Hampel
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The Ann Arbor Chronicle, a new news site covering the Ann Arbor area, launched Tuesday. It’s already full of great information, including details from meetings (see coverage of a recent DDA session), a section for quick observations, called Stopped. Watched., and many other pieces. The site runs unobtrusive ads from local businesses.

The power behind the Chronicle comes from Mary Morgan and AU regular Homeless Dave, along with design and development work by Laura Fisher.

  1. My prediction for time until the Snooze picks this up: 7 days (based on previous projections)

       —Matt Hampel    Sep. 5 '08 - 12:17AM    #
  2. Mary Morgan was the Opinion editor for the Snooze.

       —Matt Hampel    Sep. 5 '08 - 12:49AM    #
  3. Congrats to Dave & Mary—website looks awesome :)

       —TeacherPatti    Sep. 5 '08 - 03:15AM    #
  4. Early reviews are positive.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Sep. 5 '08 - 08:37AM    #
  5. I have added this to my “favorites” – they have the real local news, which the AA News ignores. I hope they get some advertisers soon, so they can stay in business. I recommend that everyone check it out.

    And good luck to Mary and Dave!

       —Leah Gunn    Sep. 5 '08 - 05:49PM    #
  6. I’ll add my delight —- this is a terrific new thing and it’s in my bookmark bar already.

       —Aki    Sep. 5 '08 - 07:08PM    #
  7. I’d say it’s too important an effort to leave to advertising. Dave and Mary — get a Paypal button up there. I have nothing to advertise, don’t have much interest in clicking through the ads (though I do like Shaman Drum, etc.), but I want to support the Chronicle — give me an option!

       —Dale    Sep. 6 '08 - 06:57PM    #
  8. Dale – that is a great iea! I, too, am willing to subscribe – so do it, Mary & Dave.

       —Leah Gunn    Sep. 6 '08 - 11:09PM    #
  9. The Chi-Town Daily News does this well, with a radio-fundraiser type system: “give us $50 and we’ll send you a tote bag”. But they also rely on a lot of grant funding.

    I’d also suggest moving the ads to the right-hand column, so they appear above the fold on the site. I really like how they’re unobtrusive and local, though.

       —Matt Hampel    Sep. 7 '08 - 01:00AM    #
  10. This is beautiful work and a major addition to local journalism. Congrats, Mary and Dave!

       —David Cahill    Sep. 7 '08 - 07:21PM    #
  11. We appreciate the kind words, as well as the many kind deeds. It’s great when people will take the time to talk to some guy who says he’s launching a new online publication, but oh, no you can’t look at it yet, because it’s not launched … but soon, really I promise.

    “I’d also suggest moving the ads to the right-hand column, so they appear above the fold on the site. I really like how they’re unobtrusive and local, though”

    One of the three ad slots will be in the right-hand column, where the house ad currently sits.

    “I’d say it’s too important an effort to leave to advertising. Dave and Mary — get a Paypal button up there.”

    From a technical point of view, it’s not very complex — paste some code in the right place. From the point of view of where this fits philosophically we hadn’t noodled that through. Maybe it’s not complex at all philosophically and there’s no reason to agonize, but just figured we’d go ahead and launch without a donation button and think about it later. For one thing, I think I’d like to be able to say to folks, Here’s exactly what that donated money is being put towards (e.g., a new laptop computer, a mobile news scooter, etc.).

    We’re thinking the donation button will live on a page where readers can submit two kinds of tips: news tips and monetary tips. We’ll call it the Tip Jar.

    For news tips, email, phone, and contact form are already in place ;-)=

       —HD    Sep. 8 '08 - 07:12AM    #
  12. What would the money be used for?


    You are telling us stuff that we all need to know, and however you do it, I for one, am willing to pay for it. After all, I have to pay for the Snooze! (I tried going without it for 6 months, and felt clueless. I may be able to do so again if you stay in business.)

    Keep up the good work.

       —Leah Gunn    Sep. 8 '08 - 08:12PM    #
  13. Dave –

    You need to set up shop at the Farmers Market offering subscripions to the Chronicle; I know just the spot, near Ernst Farm.

    I don’t know what you’d offer as free enticements.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Sep. 9 '08 - 09:01PM    #
  14. Hope to see a feature on the 20-month effort to boycott Israeli products at the People’s Food Co-op. That does qualify as community news; presumably the Chronicle will treat it as such.

    It’s clear that thousands of Ann Arborites have strong views about the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

       —Co-op Boycott    Sep. 12 '08 - 09:27AM    #
  15. Yes, I see that Aimee Smith,PhD of Ann Arbor recently received the Green Party nomination for U.S. Congress in the 15th District to oppose John Dingell. She has endorsed the co-op boycott in the past. I believe her political views in general mirror those of Ann Arborites and expect her to draw thousands of votes from the Ann Arbor electorate this November.

       —Mark Koroi    Sep. 12 '08 - 10:34AM    #
  16. I have looked it up, and you are right. The Huron Valley Greens have taken official stands for the boycott of all Israeli products at the People’s Food Co-op. They have been standing up for Palestinian human rights for years, and have been leaders of Ann Arbor public opinion for Palestine.

       —Co-op Boycott    Sep. 13 '08 - 11:45AM    #
  17. I think it would be quite a feature, indeed, if the Chronicle talked to those thousands of Ann Arborites.

    Dave, it sounds like you’ve got your investigative work cut out for you!

       —Murph.    Sep. 13 '08 - 07:39PM    #
  18. Just to be fair. Here are the actual results of the 2006 election:

    2006 general
    John Dingell (D) 181,946 88%

    Aimee Smith (Green) 9,447 5%
    Gregory Stempfle (Lib) 8,410 4%
    Other 7,065 3%

    2006 primary John Dingell (D) Unopposed
    2004 general John Dingell (D) 218,409 71% $1,127,151 Dawn Reamer® 81,828 27%

       —annarbor1us    Sep. 14 '08 - 03:33AM    #
  19. Everyone should go over and give a Shout Out to the Ann Arbor Chronicle, who are celebrating their 1-month anniversary. Perhaps when someone gets a chance they could add them to the Link-section here, too.

       —Michael Schils    Oct. 2 '08 - 11:13PM    #
  20. Whoops—done.

       —Bruce Fields    Oct. 3 '08 - 12:24AM    #
  21. Has the Chronicle endorsed or do they plan to endorse any candidates in the upcoming elections?

       —Kerry D.    Oct. 27 '08 - 05:32AM    #
  22. “Has the Chronicle endorsed or do they plan to endorse any candidates in the upcoming elections?”

    Joke Answer 1: Elections? That sounds like something we’d like to cover. When are they?

    Joke Answer 2: We were planning not to write an endorsement of either McCain or Obama, but the News beat us to it.

    But seriously, we’re not endorsing any candidates in the upcoming elections.

       —HD    Oct. 27 '08 - 06:26AM    #
  23. The News’ non-endorsement is probably based on different factors than its non-endorsement in the Fifteenth District Court judge race.

    I suspect the editorial board was deadlocked, and/or the News is pitching more of its content to the boonies, where both candidates are popular to some extent.

       —David Cahill    Oct. 27 '08 - 09:57PM    #
  24. Or they can’t afford to lose any more subscribers.

       —Matt    Oct. 28 '08 - 04:40AM    #
  25. I think they lost subscribers for their non-stance.

       —LNM    Oct. 29 '08 - 10:02PM    #
  26. They’ve also lost subscribers in the last 2 presidential elections when they’ve endorsed Bush.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Oct. 30 '08 - 06:29PM    #
  27. Yup, they lost us in 2004 because of their second endorsement of Bush. This non-endorsement just proves to me that things haven’t changed much over there.

    Here is the non-endorsement. I only post it here because the comments afterward are great. My favorite is from “jhaddix.”

    And for crying out loud, the Financial Times endorsed Obama and all the Ann Arbor News has to say is that his tax policies are flawed? Embarrassing.

       —Juliew    Oct. 30 '08 - 06:58PM    #
  28. I recently heard a sad statistic – the Ann Arbor News is deliverd only to about 13,000 houses in the city. That may tell you something about the quality of the paper. I get MUCH better information from the Ann Arbor Chronicle, and that online newspaper may (AT LAST) allow us to cancel our subscriptions to the AA News.

       —Leah Gunn    Oct. 30 '08 - 07:03PM    #
  29. I think it unlikely that the Ann Arbor News is suffering because of specific decisions it has made; more likely they are caught in the business downdraft which is going to take out most of the USAs newspapers — at least their print editions — in the next few years.

    The Christian Science Monitor, no slouch on quality, just announced that it is ending its daily print edition in April 2009. There will be a web site and a weekly tabloid. The New York Times has just had its debt rating cut — I think to junk status. The Detroit Free Press has become so hollowed out that one can read it in about ten minutes, and on top of that they raised the price for outstate readers. Media business web sites are routinely reporting circulation drops in the 5-15% range for metro daily papers.

    I know we generally only buy the Ann Arbor News on Wednesday (food section) and Thursday (weekend entertainment section).

       —Ken Josenhans    Oct. 30 '08 - 08:55PM    #
  30. I cancelled ours when they supported the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    A non-endorsement could be justified, but theirs so obviously bought into the myth around McCain’s foreign policy experience as well as the MSM’s conventional “wisdom” that Russia invaded Georgia (see for some truth), not to mention a complete pass for Palin’s incitements at campaign events (among other shortcomings), that it’s appropriately seen as a sad joke. The Obama campaign may have been “disappointing”, but the McCain campaign has been inexcusable.

    It’s as if they formed their opinion from watching TV.

       —Steve Bean    Oct. 30 '08 - 09:07PM    #
  31. I canceled the A2 News when they endorsed Bush for the second time. The first time was somehow excusable, the second time was simply stupid. I would hate to see anyone in this city unemployed but the folks at A2 News need to wrest control from Ed Petykiewicz. The writing is in the wall…..

       —scooter62    Oct. 31 '08 - 05:09AM    #
  32. Re Post #18: As predicted Dr. Aimee Smith, Co-Chairperson of the Huron Valley Greens took 2,074 votes in the City of Ann Arbor in the 15th U.S. Congressional District race, not to mention 46 votes from Ann Arbor Township, a significant increase locally over her 2006 local totals. She actually beat the Republican nominee in Ward Five, Third Precinct. She was in the public spotlight for her role as a key organizer in Dr. Catherine Wilkerson’s defense committee, the People’s Food Co-op boycott, and as a witness in the criminal obstruction trial of Dr. Wilkerson. Also, I would like to congratulate the Chronicle for their excellent in-depth coverage at the polls on Election Day.

       —Mark Koroi    Nov. 11 '08 - 10:09PM    #
  33. separate the news from the opinion … keep reading the AAnews … and subscribing, fwiw.

       —toasty    Nov. 27 '08 - 02:12PM    #
  34. [post removed by ArborUpdate: off-topic, contained incorrect information about individuals]
       —Mark Koroi    Dec. 5 '08 - 05:28AM    #
  35. This thread has moved very off topic. ArborUpdate's community guidelines are posted on our about page. Please remember that you can always email article suggestions to Off-topic posts past this point will be deleted.

       —Matt for ArborUpdate    Dec. 5 '08 - 07:35AM    #
  36. “Off topic” is being monitored now? Are you trying to have even less traffic on this site? The reason I ask is that I hate it when posts are removed before I get a chance to read them.

    When someone writes something incorrect about someone, a good thing to do is to post a comment explaining exactly why what the person wrote was incorrect.

    Removing a post is the “atom bomb” of editing decisions and should always be the last resort.

    On the other hand, if Mr. Koroi’s post was deleted because he submitted another long block of text without a paragraph break, in a seemingly Republican attempt to make all those liberals in Ann Arbor go blind from trying to read it—then that’s different. I can understand that.

    Please don’t take this as a challenge to the administration of this website. I’m just trying to somewhat passively register my disapproval of this act of censorship. You are of course free to run your site however you want, regardless of what I think, especially since what you did was fully in line with your “community guidelines”.

    I hope The Ann Arbor Chronicle continues to be a success. (This post is not off topic. Please do not remove.)

       —Michael Schils    Dec. 9 '08 - 12:16AM    #
  37. Michael, this is one of the toughest parts of admining this site (well, that and we all have real lives and jobs that sometimes want our attention), and sometimes we have to make judgment calls, and sometimes we err.

    And no matter what judgment call we make, some will think it was the right one and some will think it was wrong. Some will say it was too soon and some say it took too long.

    And, if we’re at our best, we do learn from this kind of feedback, so it is important to share you’re take on things.

    So we’re still learning. Thanks for your feedback to help us learn.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Dec. 9 '08 - 01:24AM    #
  38. I went to the Chronicle to check it out and have to say I was underwhelmed. The four lead articles on Mon Dec. 8:

    Caroling with an International Twist
    Drilling for the Drains
    Sunday Funnies: Bezonki
    Column: Arbor Vinous

    There are actually a lot of interesting links on the perimeter of the page, but you are giving the most play to the ones that are “piffliest.” I suggest a rethink more along the lines of or the Drudge Report (pardon me for this apoplexy-inducing reference).

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 9 '08 - 02:04AM    #
  39. One of the things the Chronicle does so well is report on local meetings, such as the City, the County, the DDA, Planning Commission – you don’t see this local reportage in the AA News. Sunday they have a ‘toon – and some feature articles. But, if you want to know what is going on in town, read the Chronicle. They are both thorough and accurate, and they have journalistic integrity. Not so with the Snooze.

       —Leah Gunn    Dec. 9 '08 - 03:51AM    #
  40. Excuse me Leah, “They are both…”

    Are the both Mary Morgan and Dave Askins, or the Chronicle and something else you failed to mention? You referenced ‘they’ twice so clearly you had two things on your mind. With integrity in short supply I thought I would ask to clarify.

       —abc    Dec. 9 '08 - 04:31AM    #
  41. Excuse me again Leah.

    I read your sentence four times before I wrote my note each time coming to the same conclusion; missing of course that your plural reference was to ‘thorough and accurate’. Sorry it has been a long day.

       —abc    Dec. 9 '08 - 04:36AM    #
  42. Thanks Chuck, for accepting my constructive comment as graciously as I intended it.

    I was thinking that if a decision to delete a posted comment required the concurrence of at least one other administrator, then that may help eliminate the knee-jerk decisions that are sometimes more reflective of bias than sound judgment. But this may make the process too cumbersome or take too much time when an obviously improper comment has been posted. Just an idea. Of course, in no way am I implying that bias was a factor in the recent decision. I would have no way of determining such, especially having not seen the deleted comment. If my suggestion was addressed after a previous time a comment was deleted, then I apologize in advance for being redundant.

       —Michael Schils    Dec. 9 '08 - 05:34AM    #
  43. Leah — my point is that they are giving a way disproportionate amount of play to original feature reporting that is piffle. If their strength is their meeting reportage, they need to play that up in their layout.

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 9 '08 - 05:41AM    #
  44. Fred, I hardly think the drains/storm water retention is “piffle”. Scroll down for articles that were published previously, and you will see the items to which I was referring.

    I don’t much care for Bezonki – but I do like Joel Goldberg’s wine columns. And caroling, I guess it’s the season. “Stop/Watch” is also fun, and sometimes leads to a story.

    In any case, I support the Chronicle because of the in depth coverage of local goings on. And I particularly like the opportunity to skip what I don’t want to read by not clicking on “full story”.

    Piffle indeed! Bah, humbug! :-)

    P.S. to abc – in any case, I would agree that BOTH Mary and Dave are “thorough and accurate”.

       —Leah Gunn    Dec. 9 '08 - 08:28AM    #
  45. Fred,

    You sent comment [39] to the Chronicle using the contact form on the site.

    In my reply to you, I left in the pages-visited tracking that the WordPress platform supplies — usually I trim that out of the quoted material because I imagine it has a certain creep-out effect on readers.

    In your case I left it in because it demonstrated that you did not read a single article before sending your comment. I suppose that was too subtle a point to register with someone who “checks out” websites and formulates strong opinions about them without reading articles there. But I would recommend to you that “checking out” emails you receive in the same way could eventually prove to be a source of personal embarrassment to you.

    In your subsequent reply you were then not satisfied with the clarification that the layout is chronological as opposed to reflective of a judgment about what’s most important, interesting, or novel. You took the position that none of the original reporting is very important, interesting or novel.

    You also implicated in your response that any positive response to The Chronicle is a function of the “a bubble of happy feeling from friends and acquaintances around new products.”

    Perhaps you’re right about this last. In which case, I’m pleased by the number of friends and acquaintances I didn’t know that I had. Some of them were prompted by your comments to put some cash in the Chronicle’s Tip Jar.

    My guess is that they’ve actually read some of the articles we’ve written.

       —HD    Dec. 9 '08 - 04:47PM    #
  46. Dave,

    your defensiveness is preventing you from hearing a piece of valid feedback about the layout of your website.

    Stop/Watch is very clever and deserves more prominence.



       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 9 '08 - 06:29PM    #
  47. Dave, it’s bad form to describe one of your user’s site visit records on another, public, website. I make no apologies for not reading any of your articles, my comments were directed at your main page layout and news judgment, and I stand by those remarks. But I think you owe me an apology for the invasion of privacy, and I ask that you apologize here, where you invaded it.

    Quote from your post:

    In my reply to you, *I left in the pages-visited tracking that the WordPress platform supplies — usually I trim that out of the quoted material because I imagine it has a certain creep-out effect on readers.

    In your case I left it in* because it demonstrated that you did not read a single article before sending your comment…

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 9 '08 - 07:02PM    #
  48. “I stand by those remarks.”

    Well, do it, then: define “piffle”, and explain how the four items you list meet that definition. The rest of us are mystified.

       —Bruce Fields    Dec. 9 '08 - 10:07PM    #
  49. Sorry, Bruce, if you don’t understand why those items are piffle, I don’t think any words from me are going to change your mind.

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 9 '08 - 11:44PM    #
  50. I have a question for Homeless Dave which involves the “pages-visited tracking that the WordPress platform supplies”. I conclude from the context that this feature tells the Chronicle which or how many pages a given user has visited.

    What about the inverse/converse? Is there a Chronicle feature that tells how many users have viewed a given Chronicle article?

    If so, can a user access this feature? I am considering advertising in the Chronicle, and would like to know what traffic certain articles are attracting.

    Also, how many users visit particular articles may well be a factor in determining what kinds of articles the Chronicle publishes. For example, how does the number of readers of “meetings” articles compare with the number of readers of what may non-judgmentally be called the “feature” articles?

       —David Cahill    Dec. 10 '08 - 03:49AM    #
  51. David Cahill asks: “Is there a Chronicle feature that tells how many users have viewed a given Chronicle article?”

    That information is retrievable from WordPress and the site logs (and isn’t peculiar to our configuration).

    But right now the advertising program runs across the whole site. In other words, if Leah Gunn wanted to advertise on every page except for Bezonki, we could not accommodate that request. Likewise if Fred Zimmerman wanted to advertise just on the Stopped. Watched. page, we could not accommodate that request.

    Ads appear in a random rotation for whichever slot they were purchased (there’s three slots: top right, mid-left, bottom-left). Cost is based neither on the number of ad displays nor the number of times people click through to whatever link might be included, but rather by time an ad is in the rotation on the site (measured in month increments). We can provide information about the number of impressions and clicks (from our end … people with websites are going to be able to track that themselves, too), but that’s not the information we bill by.

    It’s more similar in style to print advertising than it is the more popular online models exemplified by AdWords.

    So back to your question and your follow-up: “I am considering advertising in the Chronicle, and would like to know what traffic certain articles are attracting.”

    What you’re asking for is not irrelevant information to an advertiser given the nature of the program (because it would tell you something about the overall readership of The Chronicle … if, say, the most popular page-view were Bezonki, maybe that’d cause you to say, “Holy Crap, Chronicle readers have some weird fetish with gator-like creatures, I wouldn’t want them as clients.”)

    But from the point of view of cost and placement decisions, how widely read individual articles are isn’t a factor … because placement is site-wide, and cost is by the month.

    David Cahill also suggests: “Also, how many users visit particular articles may well be a factor in determining what kinds of articles the Chronicle publishes.”

    In light of the panel discussion at the Gerald R. Ford Library on the future of journalism (which we reported on), it’s totally reasonable to see that as a possibility. One of the panelists (with if I recall) talked about “tailoring the product” based on the popularity of different articles.

    However, at the Chronicle we don’t do this sort of “product tailoring”. If we did, you’d see nothing but articles about what’s going on with The Ann Arbor News, and you’d never see a Meeting Watch. But we don’t even monitor it that close. What I mainly pay attention to is the real-time bandwidth graph, which gives me the peace of mind that the site is still up and running and hasn’t crashed.

    When I’ve checked, Meeting Watch articles are not that widely read compared to features. When a feature runs, people connected to the focus of the feature want to share it with their entire network. In contrast, I don’t think Carsten Hohnke has sent messages to all his email contacts saying, “Hey, check me out in the photo that was shot between the chairs at council last night!”

    So rather than saying, Oh, well, Meeting Watches have limited readership, we’ll just stop doing them, our thought is to try to increase readership for them. I suspect that Fred Zimmerman would take a placement/layout approach. But as discussed in our most recent monthly message, our first move will likely be to establish a category (“section” in WordPress terms) called Meeting Watch, which will allow us to write headlines a little more attractive to a potential reader than “Meeting Watch.”

       —HD    Dec. 10 '08 - 04:53AM    #
  52. Wow – thanks for the info!

    Roughly how many people read typical Meeting Watch article, and how many read the typical feature?

    If I were thinking of advertising in the AA News, I could check the Audit Bureau of Circulations for a verified circulation figure. I can’t do that with the Chronicle, though….

       —David Cahill    Dec. 10 '08 - 06:31PM    #
  53. That’s a good question — what is the actual weekly circulation of the News right now?

       —Matt    Dec. 10 '08 - 07:53PM    #
  54. This also raises questions of the role of journalism, print or otherwise. Should news outlets focus on Brittney’s baby or Bezonki if that’s what “the market wants”?

    While I think stop.watched and the community reporting are good for community building and readership, I think the real service is the meeting coverage. Nobody else is doing it, and I hope the Chronicle will keep doing it even if the readership is lower.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Dec. 11 '08 - 07:57PM    #
  55. I agree the meeting service is meaty and valuable.

    I have no good explanation for why the most logically necessary part of the news should be the least profitable, but that seems to be a global problem in all news media.

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 11 '08 - 08:05PM    #
  56. Does anyone have an opinion on Bezonki? I have a hard time following the storyline. Does anyone understand it?

       —Mark Koroi    Dec. 16 '08 - 04:12AM    #
  57. “Does anyone have an opinion on Bezonki?”

    My provisional opinion is that it’s kinda fun trying to figure out what my opinion is.

    “Does anyone understand it?”

    Dunno. If you figure anything out, post it

       —Bruce Fields    Dec. 16 '08 - 04:53AM    #
  58. Mark – I am glad to see that I am not the only one who doesn’t “get” Bezonki. Anyone out there with explanations?

       —Leah Gunn    Dec. 16 '08 - 05:35AM    #
  59. All I know is that as soon as the Chronicle makes a Bezonki t-shirt, I’m buying it.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Dec. 16 '08 - 06:44AM    #
  60. I do not know how many would agree with me but the Chronicle has excellent coverage of City Council meetings and overall covers the political scene quite well. I would like, however, to see more in-depth reporting on some of the more controversial issues in recent months e.g. the Ask Voters First movement, the Boycott Israel Goods group, the ongoing messes in the Sheriff’s Department and the Circuit Court.

       —Kerry D.    Dec. 21 '08 - 04:36AM    #
  61. How is the war in Gaza affecting community members here?

       —Dirt Road Man    Dec. 29 '08 - 09:59PM    #
  62. Locally, it will probably affect gasoline prices as a barrel of oil has increased by 5% to $40. Those locals who have ties to that area I am sure are concerned about the human cost as casualties mount on both sides.

       —Mark Koroi    Dec. 30 '08 - 01:17AM    #
  63. I was astonished to see that today’s Ann Arbor News gave almost the full front page of the business section to a glowing profile of a psychic.

    Swami sees the Chronicle succeeding …

       —Fred Zimmerman    Dec. 31 '08 - 07:00PM    #
  64. The Chronicle can do news on very short notice, and pictures, too.

    Demonstrators Protest Gaza Violence

       —Chronicle fan    Jan. 4 '09 - 12:15AM    #
  65. That was weird, Fred – although that particular article does not show up on their (fabulously awful) web site. And yes, the Chronicle is much more up-to-date.

    Another Chronicle fan…

       —Leah Gunn    Jan. 4 '09 - 01:13AM    #
  66. Good to see the balanced coverage of the Gaza protest.

       —Mark Koroi    Jan. 4 '09 - 09:11AM    #