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Old Compost Can Pickup this Week, September 15-19

15. September 2008 • Juliew
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The City will be picking up the remainder of the garbage/compost cans formerly used for compost this week. You should put the cans out on your regular garbage pickup day.

Full details are here.

  1. From the city’s news release: “Over 21 tons of plastic and steel unwanted compost cans were collected during the initial can collection week in July.”

    “Unwanted” is accurate in the sense that their owners didn’t want to keep them around the house for some other use besides putting yard waste in for city collection.

    I hauled some guy’s dead water heater out to the Platt & Ellsworth facility back around the time they did the summer collection and saw a half dozen crushed steel cans out there just sitting off to the side. It was actually pretty damn poignant. They deserved, I thought, a better poetic effort than this, but after all, they’re just trash cans.

    Proud steel cans curbside
    brimming full with twigs and leaves.
    Now they’re all smashed flat.

       —HD    Sep. 15 '08 - 08:06AM    #
  2. At the current price of scrap metal, I’d bet that an old crushed steel can might be worth something – the one price list I was able to find was $138.00 per ton for mixed steel can scrap in truckload sizes, or about 7 cents per pound.

    Plastic, not so valuable.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Sep. 15 '08 - 07:08PM    #