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Status Report: A2D2 Parking and Transportation

18. December 2008 • Nancy Shore
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The City of Ann Arbor recently posted a status report regarding the implementation of A2D2 parking and transportation recommendations.

For those who don’t know, A2D2 is Ann Arbor Discovering Downtown, which is the product of many years that is working to guide the development of downtown Ann Arbor. More info about A2D2 is here

Among the initiatives taken up by the City the DDA and the getDowntown Program:

Zipcar: The DDA and getDowntown are working to bring 4 Zipcars to downtown Ann Arbor. My hope is that the contract is signed for this by the end of the year and we have cars on the ground within 1 to 2 months of that signed contract.

Parking: There are now reserved spaces for carpools and vanpools in downtown parking structures and the DDA is working on plans for an underground parking structure on the Library Lot.

Transit: Service hours for the Link were extended to 11pm. They don’t say this, but it should also be noted that a Night Ride Shuttle and a2Chelsea Express were also launched.

Non-Motorized: The DDA has refurbished bike lockers downtown, added moped and motorcycle parking , and approved plans for the Fifth and Division improvements.

Wayfinding: Wayfinding signage is underway downtown.

Lead by Example: The City of Ann Arbor is working with getDowntown on a customized sustainable commuting program for City Employees.

On the Horizon: Plans for a Park and Ride Lot at Plymouth and US-23, installation of parking pay stations, and an express bus from Brighton to Ann Arbor

  1. I actually heard that the new express bus would be from Canton to Ann Arbor, but I don’t think the AATA has really decided yet.

       —Nancy Shore    Dec. 18 '08 - 10:04PM    #