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Dominick's Proposes PUD

8. January 2009 • Nancy Shore
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  • a bed and breakfast?
  • residential apartments?
  • small grocery store/gift store with a coffee shop?

All of these ideas and more are on the table as local institution Casa Dominick’s (812 Monroe) is looking to rezone its restaurant and some surrounding parcels as a Planned Unit Development.

There is a public meeting planned at Dominick’s to talk about this proposal on January 12, 2009 at 6pm.

All of the info including a map of the areas impacted can be found here.

  1. their sandwiches are greasy.

       —peter honeyman    Jan. 11 '09 - 06:59AM    #
  2. I’m always amazed that they do so well. On the one hand, I find their food to be pricey for mediocre quality and the service poor. But, there’s something about the place that gets me to keep going back for Sangria and an Eggplant sandwich.

       —Chuck Warpehoski    Jan. 12 '09 - 09:49PM    #
  3. We love Dominicks. It think their food is really pretty good and different from the standard Sysco offerings at most other restaurants around town. We like the roasted red pepper and mozzarella appetizer, pasta, pizza, the tuna subs, shrimp, soups, and, of course the drinks. Most of all though, it is a great space with a great feeling and the food and drink compliment it. I like to go in for lunch when they first open in March and sit inside with the professors and think of my dad (who always said it was the best place in town to start a revolution). Then when the weather gets nice, it is fun to sit outside with a big group of friends, or sit in the back on a hot summer Saturday and while away the afternoon with a bottle of wine or sangria or beer and appetizers. It isn’t much fun on a crowded Friday or Saturday night, but the rest of the time I think it is great.

       —Juliew    Jan. 13 '09 - 05:17AM    #
  4. I like Dominicks too, but mostly for the ambiance. The food is OK.

       —Tom Brandt    Jan. 13 '09 - 07:54AM    #