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"Ann Arbor Schools Musings", other online comments on the AAPS

25. January 2009 • Matt Hampel
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A new blog, Ann Arbor School Musings, hosts commentary.

The Ann Arbor News’ Study Hall section lives on.

The AADL has a tag about the AAPS, but most of what’s there cannot be categorized as news.

Mr. Wright’s class at Angell has a blog:

This week, we learned a lot. On Monday, we learned a box with three categories.

Unfortunately, Community High’s school newspaper has not been updated in a long time. The Huron Emery is only available as PDFs. Pioneer’s Optimist doesn’t publish online.

Where do you get your news about the Ann Arbor Public Schools?

  1. On education, I just saw that Michigan is one of five states that spends more on prisons that higher education.

       —Cooler Heads    Jan. 29 '09 - 06:35PM    #
  2. [probably spam, removed]
       —Amanda    Aug. 4 '09 - 02:41PM    #