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City Council: August Doldrums

17. August 2009 • Juliew
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City Council: Monday, August 17 at 7:00 pm.
Ann Arbor City HallAgenda


  • Presentation of the E. Stadium Boulevard Bridges Replacement Project’s conceptual design
  • Rezoning of 11 park properties (Pittsview Park, Windemere Park, Waymarket Park, Turnberry Park, Stapp Nature Area, Redbud Nature Area, Maryfield Wildwood Park, Oakwoods Nature Area, Molin Nature Area, Foxfire West Park, and Crary Park) from residential to Public Land zoning
  • Rezoning of 12.90 acres of the South Side of Narrow Gage Way from Township District to Public Land zoning
  • Resolution to allow temporary outdoor sales and the display of goods and services as a special exception use in the C3 Zoning District
  • Resolutions to approve temporary liquor licenses to the Nash Bash Country Music Festival at the Farmer’s Market on August 20 and the HomeGrown Festival at the Farmer’s Market on September 12

  1. Hope the liquor license goes through for the HomeGrown Festival. We will need to drink if it rains again like last year :)
    (It was still great, despite the rain!)

       —TeacherPatti    Aug. 17 '09 - 06:31AM    #
  2. Wow, Council added a transportation agenda item dealing with the Fuller Intermodal Transportation Station (FITS). This would be a multi-modal, multi-level, multi-rail facility on what is currently a surface parking lot on Fuller Road at the foot of the hospital. The University has agreed to pay 75% (approximately $1.6 million) of the total of Phase I, an information-gathering section of this process (which will then make the project eligible for federal funds). This phase will include site plans and an environmental study. The City will pay $541,717 of the total of Phase I.

    The hope is that this facility will replace the current outdated and insufficient Amtrak station, have commuter parking, multi-level platforms for high-speed and commuter rail, space for AATA and UM buses, and some sort of skywalk system to the hospital site. Details will be forthcoming later this fall and there will be a lot of opportunity for citizen input. The plan is that the facility would be opened mid-2012!

    And TeacherPatti, the liquor licenses for the Nash Bash and the HomeGrown Festival were approved. :)

       —Juliew    Aug. 18 '09 - 05:49AM    #
  3. “The City and University desire to jointly develop an intermodal transportation station which shall include in its first phase of development a bus stop, and parking structure with approximately 900 parking spaces and a surface parking lot with approximately 100 parking spaces. “ – that’s in the “FITS” Fuller Road project language.

       —Edward Vielmetti    Aug. 18 '09 - 08:29AM    #
  4. Let’s update the Greyhound Bus station while we are at it. Ours is such a disgrace!

    I don’t want to see the actual Art Deco building destroyed downtown.

    I do think we need to re-locate Greyhound to make it more accessible with our AMTRACK and AATA services.

    Why not take a look at the CATA system in Lansing, MI? An Indian Trails rider or a Greyhound rider can hope off the bus and onto a CATA quite easily.

       —AATA Bus Rider    Aug. 20 '09 - 06:51PM    #
  5. [removed]
       —Council Video    Aug. 22 '09 - 07:53PM    #