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21. October 2009 • Juliew
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The Poynter Institute and Online News Association are holding events at Campus Inn over the next two days geared toward local journalists and bloggers (however you may self-identify).

The Poynter Institute’s free Community Conversation begins tomorrow (Wednesday, October 21) at 4:30pm, followed by a reception at 6:00pm, and a community roundtable at 7:00pm to discuss how Ann Arbor is faring without the Ann Arbor News. Looks like there will be several people on the roundtable well-known to the Arbor Update community.

On Thursday, October 22, the Online News Association will have a full day of “intensive hands-on training to independent, community, nonprofit, displaced and currently employed journalists and bloggers in Ann Arbor, as part of our new Parachute Training Initiative, supported by a $50,000 seed grant from the Gannett Foundation. The training has been customized based on a survey of journalists in the area, and is offered in two tracks, beginner and intermediate, to cover multimedia, blogging, mobile, legal and business issues, marketing through social networks and finding your niche on the Web. There also will be two half-day video sessions, limited to 25 participants on a first-come, first-served basis (on-site), and a session on legal issues.” This will also be at the Campus Inn and has a $10 registration fee.

More information and online registration for both days is available here:

  1. Juliew is being modest – she is one of the panel.

    There seems to be a new interest in bloggers as part of the news net, and some efforts to make us more skillful and professional. I was earlier contacted by the Knight Citizen News Network. They have a number of “tools” and also list local news blogs, etc. (Arbor Update is on their list.)

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Oct. 21 '09 - 05:35PM    #
  2. Vivienne is also on the panel. :) I would go ahead and put the names of the people here, but I don’t know if the list I received is the final list of those actually attending. It should be an interesting discussion.

       —Juliew    Oct. 21 '09 - 06:11PM    #
  3. Just a little more information: the “Citizen Journalism Workshop” (no description, must be put on by the staff of the institute) is at 4:30 at the Campus Inn. The panel is at 7:00, following a reception. There is no charge for this first day and the second day is only $10, which pays for lunch, apparently. This is a grant-supported activity.

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Oct. 21 '09 - 06:26PM    #
  4. Wow, will someone report on what comes out of this? Interesting that the greater community knew nothing about it…I guess how we’re faring doesn’t actually mean us.

       —just a homeowner    Oct. 22 '09 - 11:57PM    #
  5. It was poorly publicized and the attendance was thin. It was aimed mostly at professional journalists and how to establish themselves in a paid site as bloggers. There were a number of people from there. The citizen journalism workshop the first night was a mostly a presentation by a professional journalist who teaches at the Poynter Institute, a journalism school. She had a thesis about how the “Fifth Estate” (citizen journalists and the public at large via comments, social media, etc.) are filling in gaps and changing the way information is transmitted. This was in conjunction with a discussion of the decline of newspapers. There was a little bit of exchange with the audience but not a great deal.

       —Vivienne Armentrout    Oct. 23 '09 - 12:10AM    #