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California Court Rules Partial Birth Abortion Ban "UNCONSTITUTIONAL"

1. June 2004 • jlnathan
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June 1st: Overturning the Bill that President Bush signed into law November 5th, 2004 (surrounded by a bunch of white men, remember the pictures?), U.S. District Court Judge Phylis Hamilton wrote that, “The act poses an undue burden on a woman’s right to choose an abortion.”

Courts have already overturned a similar partial birth abortion ban in Nebraska; cases are pending in several other states. This is a victory for now, but hardly the time to stagnate…Partial Birth Abortion (also known as Late-Term Abortion) could well come up before a new Supreme Court before too long.

  1. you guys are a bit behind the curve, this is the fourth such ruling. there was one in Nebraska, one in SDNY and i don’t remember the third one – where judges struck the law down, or isured TROs to stop it from going into effect.
       —David Livshiz    Jun. 1 '04 - 08:35PM    #
  2. David, welcome to!

       —Rob    Jun. 1 '04 - 08:43PM    #
  3. They crush or puncture the skulls of the babies to kill them.

    A ban on partial-birth abortions is completely legitimate and justified no matter what your stance is on abortion.

    No matter what the reason, be it that the mother is scared for her life, she was raped, or she is just too lazy to use protection when she gets pregnant, she has ample opportunities to get her fetus killed before she has to go and have its skull crushed.

    It’s inhumane. Plain and simple. Abortions are one thing, crushing or puncturing baby skulls are quite another.

    I am just curious what the leftist PETA-heads would be saying if they were crushing the skulls of baby dogs by the hundreds each day…

       —T.J.    Jun. 3 '04 - 07:16AM    #
  4. I am a woman that has had 2 abortions 1) in high school and the 2) one year after the birth of my 1st and only daughter. Unfortantely, I have not been able to conceive or have children since my last aborition over 7 years ago. Abortion is a hard choice and if you have even a little bit of a conscious – it is something you live with for the rest of your life. If I had to do it over I wouldn’t do it. But whether you are against abortion or not, there should be no reason why a woman should have to wait until the baby is almost fully developed to have an abortion. That’s just dumb and irresponsible. And just for the record I would never have an abortion again. It horrible experience to know that you have killed your own child.
       —JRH    Jun. 3 '04 - 04:08PM    #
  5. I am kinda confused with terminology being used in the blog article.

    “Partial Birth Abortion (also known as Late-Term Abortion) could well come up before a new Supreme Court before too long.”

    I am pretty sure all “partial birth abortions” are late term (2nd or 3rd trimester), but are all late term abortions “partial birth abortions”?
       —Sekou Benson    Jun. 4 '04 - 07:03PM    #
  6. Yes, they are.

    If they weren’t, only the truly sadistic would choose to puncture or crush the skull of a baby rather than use an alternate method.

    Sadistic. And it sickens me that someone would be BRAGGING about how some soulless demon of a judge would say that it’s ok to mutilate babies.
       —T.J.    Jun. 4 '04 - 07:36PM    #
  7. I love how Jenny Nathan threw in that comment about how Bush was surrounded by white men (ie, the enemy, at U-M) and didn’t say why she put it there or why it mattered—almost as if it’s an accepted fact in the liberal community that if there are too many white men involved, something will get fucked up and someone will come out harmed.

    I really hope people stop using that type of logic to sell their points, all it really does is make me and anyone else with a brain and the capacity for non-liberal thought lose respect for them.
       —James Dickson    Jun. 4 '04 - 07:44PM    #
  8. This IS a true victory!

    Viva la baby killing!!!
    Crush their little skulls!!!
    Crush their little skulls before they can become white, male, or even worse – Christians/Conservatives!!!

    End the oppression before it starts! Kill more babies now!

    Jenny, you are a woman after my own heart!
       —Abortionist    Jun. 5 '04 - 11:06PM    #