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Murder in Arrowwood Hills

1. August 2004 • Brandon
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The recent spate of violence in Ann Arbor has taken a deadly turn. Friday night a man was murdered in the Arrowwood Hills cooperative housing complex on the city’s northeast side. No suspects have been taken into custody. From the Ann Arbor News:

A late-night argument in the parking lot of a large townhouse complex on Ann Arbor’s north side erupted in deadly gunfire, marking the first homicide in the city in a little more than a year’s time.

A group of people were gathered in a parking lot at Arrowwood Hills Cooperative off Pontiac Trail about midnight Friday when the shots were fired, killing 29-year-old Scott Michael Pfeifer, Detective Sgt. Jim Stephenson said.

Pfeifer was struck several times by the gunshots, and his killer was still being sought as of Saturday evening, Stephenson said. Police don’t think anyone else was hit by the gunfire.

  1. According to the article, this was the first homocide in about a year in AA. According to this site
    there were no homocides in AA from 2000-2002.
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 1 '04 - 08:31PM    #
  2. Yep. And here’s the fun part- Both the victim (Scotty Pfeifer) and the suspect (Armand dunnohislastnameoffathetopofmyhead) had been banned from Arrowwood due to their thuggish behavior. Pfeifer’s ban was ongoing, and someone should have called the cops as soon as he was seen here, and Armand’s was in the process of being reapplied (by law, we have to drop the trespass ban if someone goes a certain length of time without committing a crime on our property. I believe that it’s three years. But all that means is that Armand hadn’t broken the law here, as his time was mostly served in a state prison for the last couple years).
    So now we’ve gotta hold a stupid-ass “town meeting” where we explain that thuggish bullshit isn’t acceptable, and I lobby the board to change its entry criteria to favor more grad students and artist-types.
    More info as I gets it, guys. I hate to see my co-op in the news this way.
       —js    Aug. 2 '04 - 12:21PM    #
  3. First whether you like it or not, Arrowwood has history, which Im a part of. All history isn’t glorious but it is still ours! As a child growing up in Heightz! we were constantly banned to go places in Ann Arbor. No college people came around to guide the youth. We guided each other. We looked out for each other. Everyones parents were consumed in survival mode to provide for us. Therefore we became bonded like a team, though you call it a gang. Arrowwood was protected by the youth. Not the Police, they come around after the storm. Originally this was the only affordable housing in the A2 area. Initially it was an all black community except for the few lower income whites that lived there. Scotty was an Icon, on the Northside, see he didn’t judge any of us, he was outkast to his own people, because of the people he chose to affiliate himself with. We all make mistakes and unfortunatley his cost his life, and now we all grieve. So yeah he was banned from Arrowwood many years ago. See Arrowwood did that to lure a new population of tenants. Alot of people that grew up out there are doing time but some are doing other things too. So don’t act like Scotty (cornbread) was an enemy of the state. He was a friend. The way he died was violent. He didn’t live violent. The Ann Arbor News is infamous for basterdizing its young culture in order to keep the Ann Arbor “liberal” citizens in a false sense of comfort to give the impression that violence only happens to violent people in violent settings. It happens anywhere, and Scott could have been murdered anywhere. The climate we all live in is violent and unstable. Many people don’t realize how close to the edge many people are. I hate that he died in the Heightz but he was truly a NorthSIder and may he rest in peace. He will always be remembered while I can’t say the same about you. See Arrowwood has its own story. Im a grad student and I wouldn’t be here had not my experience in Arrowwood been so rich.
       —Northside4Lyfe    Mar. 19 '05 - 02:24PM    #
  4. Whatever, “Northside.” Use your real name. I live in Arrowwood. I grew up there; I’m now on the board of directors. Don’t gimme any damn bullshit about the police not protecting Arrowwood and the “gang” being necessary. That was thuggish bullshit then and it’s thuggish bullshit now.
    “You’re frontin’, your girl ain’t nothin’.”
       —js    Mar. 19 '05 - 05:23PM    #
  5. I was very sad to hear about Scotty being killed. I think that he was the first person murdered in Arrowwood. People have been beaten, stabbed and shot there but never killed. I remember seeing him running all over Arrowwood with the other kids when he was a little pre-teen. I hate to see kids get killed. Everybody, please get busy going to college or trade school and work and just too busy to piss people off and get killed- remember a moving target is much harder to hit. Peace out

       —14 years in Arrowwood    Dec. 6 '06 - 09:41AM    #