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Crisler Vote For Change Concert Moved to Detroit

18. August 2004 • Brandon
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The Vote For Change concert scheduled for Crisler Arena on October 3 has been moved to Detroit due to technical problems with the venue, the Ann Arbor News reports:

[Bruce] Springsteen and his E Street Band, R.E.M. and Bright Eyes were to perform at Crisler Arena Oct. 3 but that concert has been moved to Detroit’s Cobo Hall. It is one of six simultaneous statewide concerts being held as part of a national tour to raise money for organizations trying to unseat President George W. Bush in the election.

Production issues with the venue and the performers’ stage equipment made Cobo Hall a better fit, said Dave Clark, a volunteer coordinator of the event handling publicity.

Another Ann Arbor show may be scheduled, however.

  1. I’m suprised they even considered it. The last concert I can remember there was the (i’ll be)Greatful (when they’re) Dead in 89 or abouts. I thought they banned concerts there after that event had a wild parking lot going on (and they didn’t realize this would happen?).
       —Just a Voice    Aug. 19 '04 - 11:28AM    #
  2. I heard from a kid who’s dad organizes large shows that Crisler also is huge pain in the ass, in general, for hosting large shows. Apparently the loading docks and other aspects of the structure are ill-suited for large musical performances.
       —Scott Trudeau    Aug. 19 '04 - 12:04PM    #
  3. I saw Dylan there in November of 2002, so that wasn’t long ago. Maybe Bob is just more adaptable than Bruce.
       —Brandon    Aug. 19 '04 - 01:17PM    #
  4. oh, thats right Brandon, thanks. Can anyone else think of other concerts there?
       —Just a Voice    Aug. 20 '04 - 10:18AM    #