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UPS announces fuel cell powered crushed-parcel delivery service in AA

28. August 2004 • Brian Kerr
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A post at AutoBlog states that UPS plans to deploy three Dodge hydrogen fuel cell trucks for deliveries in Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. This comes six months after UPS started to use a fuel cell vehicle for morning deliveries in the Ann Arbor area.

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Thanks to George for the heads-up.

  1. another great reason to use ups instead of fedex or usps, in addition to their amazing benefits packages (albiet, hard fought for), and supieror service over scab companies like fedex…

    -ari p.
       —Ari P.    Aug. 29 '04 - 12:41PM    #
  2. Eh, I always use USPS because it’s cheap and I like the idea of mail as a government service.
       —Brandon    Aug. 29 '04 - 12:59PM    #
  3. I got my first FedEx ground/home delivery just today. What a disaster! Do you know where their closest pick up location is to ann arbor? TAYLOR! oh yeah, they aren’t open on monday either. oh yeah, they also don’t have a SIGN ON THE BUILDING!

    Huh? Sticking with USPS and UPS me thinks as well!
       —chris    Aug. 31 '04 - 03:08PM    #
  4. UPS breaks packages.
       —JM    Apr. 24 '05 - 03:06AM    #
  5. Fedex is only considered a scab company to lazy union workers, IE: inferior UPS employees. It’s unions who ruin America.
       —Dav e    Aug. 2 '05 - 07:34AM    #
  6. Fred Smith of FedEx is now a billionaire although many of his FedEx Ground “contractors” do not have ANY benefits. Sighhhh
       —Zane Anderson    Aug. 30 '05 - 05:17PM    #