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Two Republicans will campaign to change U-M's admissions policy

29. August 2004 • dilleym
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Regent candidates nominated

“Republicans from across the state gathered Friday night to nominate two men who pledged to restore accountability to the University of Michigan Board of Regents and change the school’s race-conscious admissions policy.”

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  1. Well, that’ll be good for anyone who wants to organize a minority voter registration drive.
    (And another reason why I’ll never vote Republican— or Libertarian— for Regents, as their basic philosophy is opposed to that of public education).
       —js    Aug. 31 '04 - 10:26AM    #
  2. I always love the whole ‘restore responsibility’ mantra of the right.

    What does that mean? Sounds good doesn’t it, but what does it really mean? (Oh, we aren’t supposed to really know what the means…I get it!)

       —chris    Aug. 31 '04 - 03:06PM    #