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"Choose to Rock" Pro-Choice Benefit

3. September 2004 • Rob Goodspeed
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The Michigan Abortion Rights Action League (MARAL) is organizing a benefit concert at the Blind Pig for 8 p.m. September 9th featuring The Rants, The Avatars, Lingua Franca, The Elevations, and Broadzilla.

Tickets for the show are $10, and available from Ticketmaster. For more information, or to buy the tickets online, see the MARAL website.

  1. Didn’t MARAL take abortion out of its name?
       —Sekou Benson    Sep. 4 '04 - 03:00AM    #
  2. Should be a good show—I’ve seen the Avatars and Elevations, and they’re both a lot of fun.
       —Brandon    Sep. 5 '04 - 03:03PM    #
  3. avatars, i think, are signed to ann arbor’s very own no fun records….

    viva los rockeros,
    ari p.
       —Ari P.    Sep. 5 '04 - 08:52PM    #
  4. ...and the folks who run No Fun
    Records are IN The Avatars as well.
       —Brandon    Sep. 6 '04 - 10:23AM    #
  5. right…shows how much i know…

    on an unrelated note, has there been any talk/coverage of punk week this year, or is that not happening???

    -ari p.
       —Ari P.    Sep. 6 '04 - 01:48PM    #
  6. Ari, I think Punk Week was a few weeks ago, though I didn’t know it until I asked the punk kids who were asking for bus fare to San Francisco why they were in town.
       —Murph    Sep. 6 '04 - 02:17PM    #
  7. Word… punk week was indeed a few weeks ago. It’s pretty hard to tell for most of us who aren’t tapped-in to whatever communication channels the kids are using these days.
       —Brandon    Sep. 6 '04 - 06:55PM    #
  8. This should be a great night! So glad to see folks united for a great cause!
       —Theresa    Sep. 7 '04 - 02:05PM    #
  9. It’s nice to see GOOD bands united for a cause, too, rather than just bad jam bands and the like. It’s rather rare to see the “Detroit scene” going political as of late… I think it’s healthy.
       —Brandon    Sep. 7 '04 - 08:02PM    #
  10. Punk week happened in August.
    My column would have been about it, ‘cept that it got cut for space.
       —js    Sep. 8 '04 - 05:16PM    #
  11. JS, I’m glad those record reviews got into the latest edition, at least.
       —Brandon    Sep. 8 '04 - 09:54PM    #
  12. To follow up on previous conversation: the fact that The Avatars are on No Fun does not entirely have to do with the fact that 2 of The Avatars run No Fun. The label doesn’t sign crap. The band would have been released by the label regardless, not because of members association with the label, but because they are gooooooooooood. The fact that band members and label people overlap only means that it was easier for No Fun to get them!
    See you all at the Choose To Rock event. We’re advertising it all at
       —claudianofun    Sep. 8 '04 - 11:44PM    #
  13. Punk week is happening in augest. Just like every year.
       —pj    Jul. 11 '05 - 08:28PM    #