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Ladies' Nights: Stirring up Cheap Drinks AND Controversy!

2. June 2004 • jlnathan
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According to the state of New Jersey, it is now illegal to offer promotional “Ladies’ Night” deals at bars and clubs, because of “discrimination against men.”

This from the Associated Press:
In his ruling Tuesday, J. Frank Vespa-Papaleo, director of the state Division on Civil Rights, rejected arguments by the nightclub that ladies nights were a legitimate promotion. Commercial interests do not override the ``important social policy objective of eradicating discrimination,’’ he ruled.

Other states have ruled otherwise in similar cases, saying that the concept of Ladies’ Night does not exclude men, it simply encourages women to attend the establishment.

Read the full text here, courtesy of the Detroit Free Press.

  1. Does anyone else find it especially bothersome when dance clubs have those rules that allow women 18+ to enter, but men need to be 21?

    Anyway, I hope the launch party goes well tonight, folks. I’ll be seeing Richard Buckner & Jim Roll at the Ark, so can’t make it.
       —Brandon    Jun. 2 '04 - 01:22PM    #