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Frontline tonight

12. October 2004 • MarkDilley
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Found this nice news on B5 of the NYT Critics page. This television review is by Alessandra Stanley and is about tonights Frontline television show – The Choice 2004.

“In Mr. Kerry’s case, the film retraces his fierce aversion to war. Not only do we see Mr. Kerry in 2002 express prescient qualms about sending troops to Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein before voting to give the president the authority to go to war, we also see him express similar, pained reservations just before the 1991 Persion Gulf War led by the president’s father. (“Are we really ready for another generation of amputees, paraplegics and burn victims?” he asked his Senate colleagues on the eve of the 1991 vote. “Their is a rush to war here.”) (emphasis added)

ohhh and this nugget from Slate – which led me to this gem
(by searching on dread scott roe v wade)

I’ll stop now.