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Mayoral Candidates Urban Planning Forum

14. October 2004 • Scott Trudeau
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Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje and challenger Jane Lumm will be
participating in a forum on planning and land use issues on October 29
at 6pm. The forum will be held in the Art+Architecture Building
auditorium on the University of Michigan’s North Campus, and is hosted
by the Urban Planning Students Association and the Planners Network.

Topics will include affordable housing, the Greenbelt, local and
regional transit, historical preservation, and downtown development
issues. Both University and community members are welcome, and are
invited to bring questions for the candidates on planning issues.

For further information, please contact Richard Murphy,
murphyr AT umich DOT edu

  1. This should be very good… I just hope there’s good turnout from community/campus members even though it’s in the distant reaches of North Campus.
       —Brandon    Oct. 15 '04 - 01:02PM    #
  2. For those unfamiliar with North Campus, I will note that the blue permit parking lot (not the meters) behind the Art & Architecture building off of Fuller is free after 6pm and is usually not full after 5pm, so parking is easy and close. And the U buses from central campus are also free, as always.
       —Scott T.    Oct. 15 '04 - 01:23PM    #
  3. And Route 3 leaves the Blake Transit Center downtown at 5:18 and 5:48, free with UM ID. You get dropped off directly behind the Art & Architecture Building on Fuller, and is usually faster and far less crowded than the UM buses.
       —Brandon    Oct. 15 '04 - 03:48PM    #
  4. Just FYI, the UPSA has invited all of the 3rd Ward candidates to appear on either the 26th or 28th. If anyone is interested in attending, I’ll post the details on the blog on my site (

       —Marc R.    Oct. 17 '04 - 09:43PM    #