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Michigan GOP Targeting Granholm

5. November 2004 • Murph
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The Free Press notes that the Michigan Republican Party is already going on the offensive against Democratic Governor Jennifer Granhom:

“The 2006 race has begun today, and we are laying the values debate at Gov. Granholm’s doorstep,” state GOP Executive Director Greg McNeilly declared Thursday, at a postelection conference of pundits and political leaders.

McNeilly added, “She’s wrong on abortion, she’s wrong on gay marriage and she’s wrong on the war on terror.” McNeilly referred to a brief televised interview last week in which Granholm said women would like to hear Bush apologize for mistakes made in the Iraq war.

Granholm is not intimidated:

“The Republican Party apparatus lost at the local level, the state level and the Legislature to Democratic candidates who vowed to fight for good-paying jobs, improved education and access to affordable health care,” [Granholm spokesperson Liz] Boyd said. “They still don’t get that those are the issues that really matter to Michigan voters.”

The Democrats gained five seats in the State House, but Republicans will still hold a 58-52 majority.