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"Dueling North Quads" Posted to Site Library

7. November 2004 • Murph
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I’ve posted an article Dueling North Quads: A Criticism of Supporting Land Uses to the site library, inspired by two stories in today’s Ann Arbor News:

>Private dorm will open first
>New dorm’s impact generating worry

  1. Murph,

    Good piece. For those of you too lazy busy to read it, here’s my summary:

    * The State St. & Huron “North Quad” with no parking = good fit in a pedestrian-oriented area

    * The North Campus private “North Quad” with parking = doesn’t quite fit the long term plan for the area

    Consider giving the private dorm little to no parking to help push along the Northeast Area Plan for mixed-use, pedestrian oriented development in the area.

    Does that cover it, Murph? =)
       —Scott T.    Nov. 9 '04 - 07:04PM    #
  2. With slightly more focus on “the long term Plan for the northeast area doesn’t quite fit the long term ‘plan’ for the area,” yep, that’s about it.
       —Murph    Nov. 9 '04 - 07:14PM    #